Vanessa Beecroft creates pantyhose art – vb55 series

I would like to thank a boy from England who sent me this information on this conceptual artist that I didn’t even know existed.

Vanessa Beecroft is an Los Angeles artist who used pantyhose for her art multiple times.  These ladies, semi-nude, would stand on high heels for 3 hours in Berlin in 2005.

You can find very beautiful photos if you search for it online of women even in sheer pantyhose, but keep in mind that it has a degree of nudity to it, so don’t search for it at work.  This project was called vb55.

Do you think that Vanessa would agree to an interview?  I’ll ask!  I’d love to know more.

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Pierre Molinier – artist with a hosiery fetish

Some call it Fetish, some call it Art.  Recently I went to visit Vancouver Art Gallery with my friend to see surreal art exhibit and one photograph left an impression on me, it was by Pierre Molinier.

Pierre Molinier and Stockings

Pierre Molinier has many photographs featuring black stockings.

I came across two photos of a man and a woman, both wearing black fishnet stockings – that caught my eye right away.  I went to that spot twice to write down the name and look at the picture one more time.

The artist, Pierre Molinier (1900 – 1976), was obsessed with black stockings and shapely legs – both male and female.  He admitted that there is nothing more sexual for him then a shapely leg covered in black nylon.

I advise you not to check his work too much if you are sensitive to sexual content.  I am myself quite sensitive to violence and explicit nudity in art galleries.  However, I figure I’ll let you know that there was an artist who was seriously into hosiery and even our local art gallery finds him worth displaying!

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