Vanessa Beecroft creates pantyhose art – vb55 series

I would like to thank a boy from England who sent me this information on this conceptual artist that I didn’t even know existed.

Vanessa Beecroft is an Los Angeles artist who used pantyhose for her art multiple times.  These ladies, semi-nude, would stand on high heels for 3 hours in Berlin in 2005.

You can find very beautiful photos if you search for it online of women even in sheer pantyhose, but keep in mind that it has a degree of nudity to it, so don’t search for it at work.  This project was called vb55.

Do you think that Vanessa would agree to an interview?  I’ll ask!  I’d love to know more.

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2 thoughts on “Vanessa Beecroft creates pantyhose art – vb55 series

  1. Be great if you could get an interview about specifically why she had them wearing pantyhose. I think you will probably get some arty mumbo jumbo response depending on how she feels at the time. Still, worth a try! Found some great photos of her “events” on Google . It is quite fascinating. I always think women’s bodies are interesting and seeing a hundred all together, different shapes and sizes, has a sort of power of its own.

  2. I first saw clips of he exhibition in Berlin perhaps four years ago and was so taken by how bold she is in that the women in the exhibit were wearing nothing else.

    You can find clips of her work on youtube. Just search for her name.


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