Malware Repair Scam from Microsoft – Beware!

Recently I’ve been getting calls from strange numbers.  Finally, they got a hold of me, saying that it’s Microsoft calling and they were getting reports from my computer that there is a malware problem.  This Malware Repair Scam from Microsoft as they claim to be turns out to be very popular.

I’ve heard of this scam before I got the call, so obviously I knew that I am talking to some guy in India rather than to Microsoft.

Just out of interest, I asked which computer since I’ve got several in the household.  The answer was vague, saying “the one you use most often”.

I asked if they could describe what computer it is exactly (ex. Dell, Toshiba …) and so on, but of course the dude kept on avoiding the question.

Eventually I said to tell me my IP address, since they claim they really got reports from me and so on.  The answer I got was “we are not authorized to discuss it”.

The reason why I am telling you this is so you can be aware.  They change their number, they change their lines and scripts.  But don’t be tricked!

I had a similar call once saying “we are calling from your bank because your credit card got a prize…”  I asked which bank, since I have several bank accounts.  Here is how the rest went:

– What bank was that, I have several?


– No, I never used that one.


– I closed my account there long time ago.

– Oh, sorry, it’s actually Scotia Bank!

– No, I only have a debit account from there.

– It’s TD Bank!

– OK, was that an American currency or a Canadian currency credit card?

– ?????

– OK, bye guys!  You are obviously not calling from MY bank about MY credit card.


Scammers get smarter every day.  Thus, if you are in doubt, ask them questions to make sure it’s for real.  They know your address and your name from the phone book, that’s not a big deal.



I got a call again from “Jason” who barely understood me.  He said that he is calling from Microsoft and they were getting reports from my computer for a long time about malware.  I asked him 3 times where they are located.  He said that in Columbus, Ohio.  I later said that I have a Mac and right away he apologized and that was the end.

What is the most non-traditional gift that you have ever received?

My parents keep on asking me what I want to get as a present.  It’s a tough one.  Most of the time they are completely out of ideas.  It gets to a point that I either need to tell them what I need and be very specific, otherwise they will get something completely useless to me.

This year things worked out well.  I wanted to take a computer course for a long time already, so I told my parents that they can just cover the cost of the course as a present for me.  I’m very happy and excited about this, I signed up today.

Maybe this is not the main stream type of gift, but for sure I won’t forget it and it might make a big difference in the long run.

Would you ever consider sending your friend or relative for a course as a present?

Fantasy Stockings Graphics

It is the first time that I actually had something designed for me.  My Youtube friend Fernando helped me with these graphics.  The high res version will be incorporated into my videos as a welcome page.  I asked him to make it look feminine and to have lace as a source of inspiration.








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