What is the most non-traditional gift that you have ever received?

December 21, 2012 under News

My parents keep on asking me what I want to get as a present.  It’s a tough one.  Most of the time they are completely out of ideas.  It gets to a point that I either need to tell them what I need and be very specific, otherwise they will get something completely useless to me.

This year things worked out well.  I wanted to take a computer course for a long time already, so I told my parents that they can just cover the cost of the course as a present for me.  I’m very happy and excited about this, I signed up today.

Maybe this is not the main stream type of gift, but for sure I won’t forget it and it might make a big difference in the long run.

Would you ever consider sending your friend or relative for a course as a present?

2 Responses to "What is the most non-traditional gift that you have ever received?"

  • Wow cool! Hahaha! I have never given anyone a course for a present! Recently as I was travelling on public transport, I saw an advert posted up “Ran out of Gift ideas? Give them a chance of a romance!” They were actually selling dating vouchers! Now that’s cool! 😀


  • David says:

    …hey, that sounds like a good idea for me as well ! 😉

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