Did you know that Zohara tights are made in China?

zohara tights are made in China

I kept on wondering about the origin of the brand and even once wrote to them, but they never replied.  The owners are Israeli, but knowing how little manufacturing is left in that country, I doubted that Zohara tights would be made there.

Nowhere on their package it says the country of origin.  But recently I took a ferry to Vancouver island and they had some of those in their shop.  According to Canadian laws, country of origin must be clearly stated.  So yes, Zohara is made in China – there was an additional sticker.

I realize that this may be sad news for some of you who like the brand, but it is also not fair not to know this for consumers.

Is there such thing as too bright or too patterned when it comes to pantyhose?

Is there such thing as too bright or too much when it comes to hosiery?  Below are some designs by Zohara tights, Israeli brand (even though most likely not made there).

I personally find this a bit of an overkill.  The fact that the model looks pissed off also puts me off.  What do you think?

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