What is the coloured thread in the waistline of your pantyhose?

Is it there by mistake? This is highly unlikely since factories are stocked with plenty of threads and stitching is done automatically.

No, it’s there on purpose, it’s actually a size indicator. Red, blue, yellow… it tells the factory what size that hosiery pair is before it is packaged. This feature helps with quality control too.

coloured size indicator thread in pantyhose

This is a red thread on a pair of fleece lined leggings by Gabriella.

Happy Easter!

multi coloured rosesMy friends, for those of you who celebrate Catholic Easter, have a wonderful holiday. Even though I am not into that kind of stuff, but I figured I’ll at least take the opportunity to de-clutter. Soon you’ll see a whole bunch of my stuff on eBay.

I was out today with my friend and saw these multi-colour roses for sale in an Asian store for Easter. These are called rainbow roses to my knowledge. Do you like it? This is achieved by splitting the stem into multiple parts and dipping each one in a jar with coloured ink.

But you know what, I love the natural roses better without any modifications. My favourite is the “tea rose”, the wild one that grows on bushes and smells delicious like raspberries. Not expensive, but classic.


Is there such thing as too bright or too patterned when it comes to pantyhose?

Is there such thing as too bright or too much when it comes to hosiery?  Below are some designs by Zohara tights, Israeli brand (even though most likely not made there).

I personally find this a bit of an overkill.  The fact that the model looks pissed off also puts me off.  What do you think?

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Fashion Hosiery with Fading Colour Gradient

I saw this online and I couldn’t resist but share with you!  I think this is an excellent concept for coloured tights to have a smooth colour gradient.

Personally I’ve seen tie-dyed tights before and I can’t stand anything that was coloured this way because it reminds me of some unfortunate laundry accidents rather than fashion.

However, this concept is much neater, especially if it is styled nicely with the outfit.  From my knowledge this product is from China and there is even a supplier on Alibaba website.

Can Europeans brands try to repeat this?  I’d be a big fan if I could find something of this sort from my favourite brands.

Coloured Opaque Pantyhose by Anne Klein

Today I was flipping through our Fashion magazine for Canada and I was hoping to see some hosiery for the fall collections.  I saw some here and there, but Anne Klein had the most colourful display for hosiery enthusiasts!

I’d love to hear your opinion on fashion colours like that.  Do you ever wear it?  I have some, but I feel like it’s very hard to make it look stylish.  At least I always need to put more effort.

On another note, I’d like to say that the fashion combinations in general in the photo below are horrible in my opinion.  The only lady that somewhat makes sense with her clothing is the black girl.  I just decided to show it to you because finally someone is advertising hosiery.

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