Did you know that Zohara tights are made in China?

January 4, 2014 under Brands

zohara tights are made in China

I kept on wondering about the origin of the brand and even once wrote to them, but they never replied.  The owners are Israeli, but knowing how little manufacturing is left in that country, I doubted that Zohara tights would be made there.

Nowhere on their package it says the country of origin.  But recently I took a ferry to Vancouver island and they had some of those in their shop.  According to Canadian laws, country of origin must be clearly stated.  So yes, Zohara is made in China – there was an additional sticker.

I realize that this may be sad news for some of you who like the brand, but it is also not fair not to know this for consumers.

4 Responses to "Did you know that Zohara tights are made in China?"

  • David, United States says:

    … nice. I think it is good to know the country of origin; it’s cool that they put stickers on to satisfy local regulations, and also cool that you noticed.

    • admin says:

      To me it looks like it’s the BC Ferries that put the sticker there since they would also put the pricing on it…
      other stores that sell it don’t have the country of origin indicated.

      You see, BC Ferries in a way is a “government” thing, they can’t have stuff without proper information on board because there are laws about the product labeling in Canada.

  • tight love says:

    china made is not such a bad thing, as long as the quality bar is there. iphone and all electronics are from there.

    but the act of hiding something maybe indicates they are not confident in their own product, or they are prepare to run with the expectation of something bad would happen, this could be a sign to stay away from them. If they are really committed to the business, there should be nothing to hide.

    lol, these are just my pure imagination, maybe the only way to tell is get a hand on their product and let the quality do the judgement.

    • admin says:

      I know exactly what you are saying!
      I guess it’s kind of hard to sell tights for $34.99 when they are made in China, so I figure that’s the reason for not saying.

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