Russian beauty and Olympic athlete Maria Komissarova broke her back in Sochi

Dear Fantasy Stockings readers, I am overcome with grief to hear that this young woman, Maria Komissarova, will no longer compete in the Olympics because she broke her back during her training.

It was so serious that she needed an immediate operation on the spot. She will need another operation in two weeks.  I put more information about her condition here, on my more tech-oriented blog – Maria Komissarova Injured.

I wish her to recover as soon as possible!

This photoshoot that you see below she did 1 year before the Olympics and she dedicated it to her boyfriend.

Maria Komissarova in lingerie backseam stockings Russian skierMaria Komissarova in lingerie Russian skier suffers spinal injuryMaria Komissarova in lingerie Russian skierMaria Komissarova in lingerie stockings garter belt Russian skierMaria Komissarova in swimsuit posing Sochi OlympicsMaria Komissarova in lingerie stockings Russian skierMaria Komissarova in swimsuit posing Sochi Olympics athlete

What a spirit!  Even for this lingerie photoshoot she was at the hospital recovering from another injury to her leg, but she “ran away” from the hospital to do the photo session.

Jenna Talackova is giving interview for Out TV at Vancouver Pride 2012

I saw her giving an interview for Out TV, of course, I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but I tried to film her pretty face anyway.  She’s beautiful!

Jenna wasn’t born with this name.  It used to be Eugene, and “Page” in between.  It’s hard to believe that this long-legged woman was not born female!

Some sources say that she has Czech descent, some say that she is aboriginal.  But most sources point that her family is from northern British Columbia First Nation community.  It’s quite surprising to see her with blond hair like that, most native people here look very different.  Oh well, she’s unique!  But my opinion is that she is the most optimized hybrid of two descents.






Lucy McRae, futuristic designer: pantyhose encased model mocks the use of fillers in plastic surgery

pantyhose encased model

What you are looking at is called “Voque” bodysuit.  The model is wearing pantyhose all over her body with clear balloons stuffed underneath to mock the use of fillers in plastic surgery.

The artist is Lucy McRae, a futuristic designer, who’s work has been displayed at Sao Paola Museum.

If you are interested to learn more about the designer, you can watch her presentation on TED talks here.

In the video at TED talks are a few more photos of this bizzare pantyhose encasement worn by the designer herself for testing this encasement idea.

This outfit was in Voque as a way to draw attention to plastic surgery.

I’d say that this design that you are seeing here is one of the mildest from her collection and ideas.  She even came up with a pill that makes person’s sweat smell like perfume.


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