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I decided to create a newsletter and already there were about 3 issues sent out that got a good response.

I think that most of the material will be photos of beautiful pantyhose and stockings and maybe some video updates and pantyhose stories.  My next topic should be Falke brand.

In case you are wondering, the photo shown here for illustration is from German Voque by Alex Lubomirski. I liked that composition so much that I just had to share it with you!

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Lucy McRae, futuristic designer: pantyhose encased model mocks the use of fillers in plastic surgery

pantyhose encased model

What you are looking at is called “Voque” bodysuit.  The model is wearing pantyhose all over her body with clear balloons stuffed underneath to mock the use of fillers in plastic surgery.

The artist is Lucy McRae, a futuristic designer, who’s work has been displayed at Sao Paola Museum.

If you are interested to learn more about the designer, you can watch her presentation on TED talks here.

In the video at TED talks are a few more photos of this bizzare pantyhose encasement worn by the designer herself for testing this encasement idea.

This outfit was in Voque as a way to draw attention to plastic surgery.

I’d say that this design that you are seeing here is one of the mildest from her collection and ideas.  She even came up with a pill that makes person’s sweat smell like perfume.


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