Modeling Lucine floral tights by Fiore

May 26, 2017 under Fiore

Here are my legs in Lucine tights by Fiore, 40 den. I love this bold flower pattern on the side, very feminine and elegant. These are sheer to waist with a t-top. Just like majority of all other European tights, they feel wonderful on the leg. Superb elasticity prevents it from sagging. These tights are currently on sale for $4.99, it was a limited edition and there are just a few pieces left.

Lucine tights by Fiore on my legs

One Response to "Modeling Lucine floral tights by Fiore"

  • Bill phillips says:

    Hi Jessica its Bill I love the floral tights your wearing in the pic they look so beautiful and make your legs so sliky and smooth I hope that’s ok to say. you are one beautiful woman mwah kisses dear.

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