Eveline Sheer Toeless Tights by Fiore

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Eveline is a perfect style for the summer to be worn with open-toe sandals.  Such sheer toeless tights, if worn in natural colour, are almost invisible on the leg.

toeless pantyhose, toeless tights

Toeless tights are perfect for wearing with open shoes and flip-flops.

I also heard of people wearing sheer toeless pantyhose with closed toe shoes if they have sharp nails that keep on causing runs.  This way their pantyhose lasts longer and nobody knows that it is toeless.

Fibre content: 87% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Made in Poland

Brand: Fiore

Shipping – $9 Flat Rate for any quantity ordered, so go ahead, get as many toeless tights as you need!


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