Angel tights by Fiore

These are “Angel” tights by Fiore, available in white and black. I just re-loaded some stock here, have a look. You can buy this style here.

angel tights by Fiore

I am sorry that I haven’t been posting lately. My main activity is on Twitter and there are a lot of posts there. I had hopes to expand the selection, but then COVID hit, and I am really unsure now whether I’d like to stock up on anything because fashion entrepreneurs are struggling.

If you scroll below, you’ll see photos from an art gallery. Well, very sad, but that place called Super Wonder Gallery closed down. I have so many good memories from there!

In terms of my own plans, I’m considering upgrading my education. Also, in my spare time I’ve been quite involved in the community here and I also did a lot of outreach work since August, helping the homeless. I learned so much.

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