Calvin Klein displays shiny hosiery on the runway – stay ups under sheer dresses

September 16, 2017 under Brands

Calvin Klein 2018 collection

I got this photo from Anatoly Borodin’s Facebook. He is also very excited to see shiny white hosiery on the runway. You can tell that these models are wearing stay up stockings, but I guess the daily adaptation of this trend for fall would mean shiny grey and white pantyhose.

2 Responses to "Calvin Klein displays shiny hosiery on the runway – stay ups under sheer dresses"

  • Alan says:

    I’m optomistic that hosiery is on an upswing. Coloured opaques, especially red, are hot right now, but you are also seeing a lot of black sheers, fishnets, and lace tights on the runways and in magazines. Polka dots on sheers and fishnets are everywhere. It’s nice to see lighter sheers like the white and grey coming back. My wife has Wolford Satin Touch 20 in Fog, a light grey, and they are hot as hell. I have to get her to white something in white now.

  • randy says:

    My opinion I just love glossy hosiery so much is a great look in fact I have many myself’ Just a great fashion look unless you don’t want to bring attention to your legs.

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