Moving to a Colder Climate

Nessa pantyhose

A rare glimpse of snow in Vancouver from last year.

Many of you know that I am currently in Vancouver, Canada – a city practically without winter. But at the end of this month I`ll be relocating to Calgary. This is a cold city not too far from the Rocky Mountains.

I don`t even have winter clothes! When I moved out of Toronto, I thought I was done with snow forever. But life has its surprises and here I am, going to a city known for its low temperatures in winter.

On my trip there when I went to scout the location I was wearing fleece lined leggings one day and warm wool pantyhose (actually it was a present from a nice fan named Marty) the other day. With some tall boots it was alright and I didn`t feel cold.

Looks like I`ll get to wear my pantyhose under pants for half the year. No more sheer pretty ones in winter as it seems. In Vancouver the weather is quite mind, so maybe only 2 months of the year I actually pull out my thicker 60 den and 40 den tights.

Being always an apartment dweller and now actually considering to move into a house, I begin to wonder what additional problems such harsh climate will bring. Shall I change the roof more often? Is it more likely to develop cracks in the walls? I think I am looking at a lot of new expenses. I`d like to find some local sites similar to Deals4Homes in UK that offer discount pricing for home owners.

A friend of mine lives in Edmonton, about 3 hours away from Calgary. Once I came to visit her when it was cold and I was surprised that people actually have a plug running from their car to the garage so that their battery doesn`t freeze. I never saw anything of this sort before.

On a brighter note, people are much friendlier in Calgary and there is lots of sun. I`ll most likely enjoy it after all.

Pantyhose with Weather Designs

I saw these curious designs on pantyhose and I just had to share it with you!  I found it on a forum, so I am really not sure where they are from.  But isn’t this a great way to celebrate both weather and hosiery?