Are leggings taking over?

wetlook shiny leggings photo - Calgary, CanadaHere comes my late night rant about the growing popularity of leggings. Please share your thoughts too!


By Jessica from Calgary, Canada (the founder of Fantasy Stockings)

A few days ago I went to get my dental cleaning and I asked my hygienist, a young Caucasian Canadian-born woman in her early 20’s, if she wears pantyhose. She knows that this is what I sell, so the question didn’t come off as weird. She told me the truth, the way it is – no, she doesn’t wear it since childhood!

She started thinking about it and said that it looks like the whole trend just went away. When she was a child, her mom would dress her up in tights and dresses, but now she prefers to wear leggings instead. I thought about it some more and asked her, what would she wear if she wants to dress up really sexy for a nice date in November? She said that she would still wear leggings under her dress, but together with boots, so that the foot is not visible.

Does anyone still wear pantyhose in her family? Well, her mom used to, but stopped now. Her grandma still does. I made a joke that perhaps her grandmother could be my potential customer and she laughed. This popped into my head a few minutes ago before writing this post because I was browsing some dress code etiquette about shoes and hosiery on Youtube and my search lead me directly to a channel called “women over 50”.

Sadly this is the trend for many Canadian-born women. As I mentioned previously on my blog, another dental assistant from that same Calgary-based office, a 23 year old young woman, told me straight that she has never owned a pair of pantyhose in her life and at a recent wedding she attended the only person in pantyhose was the bride’s mother.

I would like to hear what you think on this subject. It does seem to me like leggings are taking over when it comes to the younger generation of Canadian youth. At any trade show I go to there will be at least a couple of vendors with racks of leggings in all sorts of tasteless circus patterns.

Auria Storm in Red 40 den Tights by Fiore

Auria Storm is an alternative model from Calgary and she loves to wear pantyhose and stockings.

In this photo she is wearing Paula 40 den tights by Fiore in red. From what I hear, she was quite impressed with the softness of them.

In case you want to follow Auria Storm, her twitter handle is  and her Instagram handle is @auria52. There is also a website for her work –

Auria Storm wearing red pantyhose Paula by Fiore tights 40 den

Auria Storm in red pantyhose 40 den Paula by Fiore 1

Auria Storm in red pantyhose 40 den Paula by Fiore 2

Auria Storm in red pantyhose 40 den Paula by Fiore 3 Auria Storm in red pantyhose 40 den Paula by Fiore 4

Auria Storm in red pantyhose 40 den Paula by Fiore 5

Auria Storm in red pantyhose 40 den Paula by Fiore 6


Cold Weather in Calgary

If usually I can get away with wearing shorts and thicker tights in winter, but this week is extremely cold. I put on these shorts and fun tights, but then checked Calgary weather and changed into a more appropriate version – jeans and wool tights under.

Wanted to wear:

Wool tights under jeans

Ended up wearing:

wool tights under jeans, Aristoc

I can’t wait for warmer weather to finally be able to dress the way I want! Wool tights, by the way, were a gift from a fan. They are keeping me warm not the first winter already.

Moving to a Colder Climate

Nessa pantyhose

A rare glimpse of snow in Vancouver from last year.

Many of you know that I am currently in Vancouver, Canada – a city practically without winter. But at the end of this month I`ll be relocating to Calgary. This is a cold city not too far from the Rocky Mountains.

I don`t even have winter clothes! When I moved out of Toronto, I thought I was done with snow forever. But life has its surprises and here I am, going to a city known for its low temperatures in winter.

On my trip there when I went to scout the location I was wearing fleece lined leggings one day and warm wool pantyhose (actually it was a present from a nice fan named Marty) the other day. With some tall boots it was alright and I didn`t feel cold.

Looks like I`ll get to wear my pantyhose under pants for half the year. No more sheer pretty ones in winter as it seems. In Vancouver the weather is quite mind, so maybe only 2 months of the year I actually pull out my thicker 60 den and 40 den tights.

Being always an apartment dweller and now actually considering to move into a house, I begin to wonder what additional problems such harsh climate will bring. Shall I change the roof more often? Is it more likely to develop cracks in the walls? I think I am looking at a lot of new expenses. I`d like to find some local sites similar to Deals4Homes in UK that offer discount pricing for home owners.

A friend of mine lives in Edmonton, about 3 hours away from Calgary. Once I came to visit her when it was cold and I was surprised that people actually have a plug running from their car to the garage so that their battery doesn`t freeze. I never saw anything of this sort before.

On a brighter note, people are much friendlier in Calgary and there is lots of sun. I`ll most likely enjoy it after all.

A Touching Twitter Story – Lost Cat Found

Dear friends, I thought that this would be a perfect story to share just in time for Christmas.  This simple story is a “Love thy Neighbour” reminder for the upcoming year.

I think that this Christmas is going to be like no other for Kris Hyatt, a Calgary home staging designer.  Her cat Zoey went missing and I somehow found out about this on twitter and completely tuned in.  I checked every day, retweeted all the photos, and hoped for the best.

Kris reported her pet missing to local shelters, pet clinics, animal services and whatever else she could think of.   She even mentioned on twitter that even the mayor got informed.  Kind volunteers helped to search the area and there were even phone calls about sightings.

It was such a phone call that helped to find Zoey.  Kris got a sighting call and right away went to check the bin where she found her cat looking for food.  Even though skinny and dirty, the cat was back home safely after being missing for almost 2 months.

If it wouldn’t be for this determined cat owner combined with such support from her community, this story most likely wouldn’t have a happy ending.

In the light of this story I encourage you to do something selfless and caring this Christmas for your neighbour or your community.

P.S. If you live in Calgary, please follow Kris Hyatt on Twitter.


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Women Oriented Hotel in Calgary Offers Pantyhose to Visitors

Hyatt women oriented hotel in Calgary decided to offer women-friendly service with rooms equipped with curling irons, hairspray, deodorant, and even pantyhose!  For a travelling woman these are essential items that she just can’t do without.

Business woman sitting in airport lounge, feet on suit case

Hyatt Women Oriented Hotel in Calgary Offers Pantyhose to Visitors

I really hope that when I visit Calgary, I’ll stay at that pantyhose hotel.  Looks like I may need to go there soon anyway, after they recover from the flood.  It is a very developed city and I only managed to see it for about an hour before when I drove through it.  Many people come there for business.

Isn’t this a progress that a hotel finally decides to recognize pantyhose as a basic need for a business woman?  It’s just as important as groomed hair and clean clothes.

A big hosiery fan like me for sure won’t forget to pack pantyhose, but I still would be excited to dig through some pantyhose provided in my hotel room.  Do you have any thoughts on this new marketing technique for hotels?  With the growing number of female entrepreneurs, this could be a very smart strategy.