Wearing Bree tights by Fiore in dark grey

Here are a few casual photos taken on my deck today. I was just about to put away some of my long sleeve tops yesterday, but today the weather got cold again and I am back to 60 den hosiery and a sweater. At least I never pack away my pantyhose, except for the fleece lined ones… even in the summer thicker ones are nice to wear at home instead of just pants.

The tights you see here are Bree by Fiore, 60 den, in graphite shade. There are a few pieces left in graphite and chocolate shades.

bree 60 den tights by fiore hosiery graphite shade on me 1 bree 60 den tights by fiore hosiery graphite shade on me 2 bree 60 den tights by fiore hosiery graphite shade on me 3


My cousin surprises me with some photos

One morning I woke up, but my teen cousin was still sleeping. I asked her to be up by 10 a.m. every morning, so I asked her why she didn’t wake up on time.

Turns out that she was fooling around at night with the camera, taking photos of her legs on the washroom floor. She wanted to surprise me!

Out of all the things she photographed that night, Vadima by Fiore were her favourite. She said that she wants to wear them in winter. Here are some photos of those.

Vadima by Fiore on the legs 1

If you like these, here they are in my shop – Vadima tights, 60 den, in ecri shade.

Wearing 60 den Nubia tights by Fiore

Today is too hot for 60 den, but I figured I’ll wear this at home instead of leggings while doing a few chores. This style is Nubia by Fiore. The name sounds Egyptian and the pattern has distinct geometric shapes to fit the theme.

What I like most about this style is that the pattern goes all the way up to the waistline. It should be put on with caution though to keep the lines straight in order to make this pattern look the way it is supposed to. Reinforced toe adds some detail to the feet, highlighting the toes.

Graphite is one of my favourite shades because it easily goes with almost anything and because it is a muted colour, other bright colours are brought out by it, just like the blue shoes that I am wearing in the photo.

Nubia tights on my legs by Fiore 2 feet close up

Reinforced toe on Nubia tights

Fiore Hosiery Fall Collection

azalia stockings by Fiore

Azalia stay up stockings by Fiore Hosiery

Have a look at the shop section, some fall styles arrived from Fiore hosiery brand.  Lots of items on sale.

60 den, 40 den, 100 den, 500 den … What’s your pick?

Stay ups in opaque velvety fabric like Azalia are so sweet!

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