Eurovision 2021 and Shiny Pantyhose

Yesterday the world got the final results for 2021 Eurovision contest, something very popular in Europe and parts of the Middle East. I follow this every year with great interest and this year I am a bit surprised with the outcome. Italy is the winner, they were represented by a rock band with some gender-bender outfits, men with long hair wearing high heels… entertaining, but I can’t really say the music was that great. France got the second place and their their performer, Barbara Pravi, was wearing a corset designed by Dior. It was indeed very sensual and the music itself was quite nice, so I’d gladly choose her over a typical rock band. Germany got the criticism I’ve never heard of before – “too optimistic”.

Eurovision is always full of cool outfits and here is a sparkly outfit worn by an Albanian performer. Her legs look so nice in those shiny pantyhose! She didn’t win, but sure made an impression. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it too and her music was complemented on being a blend of Eastern traditional and modern pop.

eurovision albania

Albania’s Anxhela Peristeri performs her entry ‘Karma’, Eurovision 2021

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