A note about pantyhose in my day calendar

July 8, 2017 under Practical

Veronica tights in navy blue on my hipsMy grandfather got me one of those calendars where you tear off a page each day, featuring a humorous little story or poem on every page. One of them was about pantyhose! Here what was in the category “from real letters”:

“What is the correct way to put on pantyhose: over panties or panties over pantyhose? We had a bet with the girls, but nobody knows exactly how to wear and in what sequence to put it on and take it off.”

I’d love to hear what you say! Some women put on panties over pantyhose to prevent it from sliding down, but that’s probably the case with only really cheap pantyhose that doesn’t stay up on its own.


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Calgary Stampede Pedicure!

July 7, 2017 under News

Calgary Stampede PedicureI decided to make it special this year and I got my nails painted red and gold, with CS letters standing for Calgary Stampede. My Korean nail technician put some creativity into this one and even looked up ideas online.

Today was an extremely hot day, so I wore a loose knee high skirt, open toe shoes, and 7 denier pantyhose (those were a gift from a fan). I spotted two more women at the event in fancy pantyhose and they even agreed to pose for photos. Eventually when the Stampede is over I’ll do a blog post to summarize all the hosiery trends I’ve seen there.

Since I am leaving Calgary, this will be most likely my last Stampede. I got myself a pass for the whole duration of the event. I want to make it special! So far I got to do some shopping and I enjoyed watching some heavy Clandestine horses compete.

Even though I don’t know that many people Calgary, I once again managed to run into a person I know from Vancouver. Small world, really!

Calgary Stampede Pedicure 2

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Demi Lovato Wears Sexy Bodysuit and Tights in Brazil

July 5, 2017 under Famous

shiny fishnet pantyhose and over the knee bootsI was browsing through some foreign news and I spotted this photo of Demi Lovato, looking glamorous in a nice high cut bodysuit and nude fishnet shiny tights. This performance took place in Brazil on July 1st at the Villa Mix Festival.

She admits that Brazil is where most of her fans are and this is where her tours are the craziest. I can see why they like her voluptuous shape there!

Twitter is exploding with samples of her new song #SorryNotSorry and I can’t wait to see the video for that! She says that this song is dedicated to the haters. It looks like on the cover she has another amazing bodysuit. 


Giuseppe Palmisano and 300 Women in White Tights Art Project

July 4, 2017 under Art

This work is by an Italian Aritst, Giuseppe Palmisano, it just happened a few days ago in Pesaro, Italy, on June 25th. He scouted 300 women to wear white tights and pose for him. The art project is called Empty (Vuoto). Surprisingly, women did it free of charge just to support the art. They didn’t even get to keep the tights.

I’ve read somewhere that he is going to repeat it with darker skin ladies wearing black tights. However, I’m doing all this through Google Translate, so if someone here speaks Italian, can you have a look and let us know?

Giuseppe welcomes all women, regardless of size and age, but they can’t have any distracting tattoos. I couldn’t include all the photos that I found just because ladies are topless and I am trying to draw a line somewhere in terms of what I want to display on this blog, even though I think that artistic nudity is beautiful.

iosonopipo-vuoto models posing in white tights art

iosonopipo-vuoto white tights hanging on chairs

iosonopipo-vuoto women in white tights posing for an art project

iosonopipo-vuoto women in white tights posing for an art project 2


Beauty Pageant Photos – Now and Then

July 3, 2017 under Vintage

Miss Russia 1993


I found this photo online by accident, a group of Russian women competing for the Beauty Queen title in 1993. It doesn’t sound like it was so long ago, but these women look so different compare to the ones currently on television. Most importantly, I notice they are all wearing pantyhose, except for maybe one in the red jacket.

Miss Russia 2014

Miss Russia 2014

Pantyhose are still here! But the photos are not directed anymore like above, selfies took over. Some girls wear pants.

Miss USA 2017

I can’t find any photos online of candid auditions / castings, can you? Somehow from what I’ve seen, pantyhose is no longer there. Not much clothes at all in general. I tried to search for Canadian beauty pageants, but also, no luck.

no pantyhose sign

Just recently I interviewed a pantyhose entrepreneur from Russia (that interview is coming up soon) and from what he is saying, it sounds like pantyhose-less hype is spreading there too.


Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2017 under News


Here is a shot of my legs in Marisa tights by Fiore in grey, posing with some envelopes that a teen I hired to help me with my work has decorated earlier. This is Canada’s 150th Birthday!

If you are looking for some deals, everything from The Girl collection by Fiore, their newest styles, is 50% OFF. Have a look! I already had several orders for it.

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Evening Gala Event: to wear pantyhose or not to wear?

June 29, 2017 under Fiore
Anna Kolashnikova in pantyhose 2

Russian famous model, Anna Kalashnikova, trying on a dress for a wedding party. Yes, she wears pantyhose!


I saw this in an interview with a Russian / French fashion historian, Alexander Vassiliev, about wearing pantyhose with an evening mid-length dress. Here is a translation of the dialogue, taking place in Estonia (Europe):


Interviewer: Now, a question about something idiotic. A colleague read online some “fashion advice” about not wearing pantyhose with a shorter evening dress because it would make the legs glossy and this is not desirable. This would mean that ladies would come to celebrations, regardless of the time of the year, with bare legs. We were shocked. Do you have any comments?

Vassiliev: The author of this “fashion advice” should learn that there are not only shiny pantyhose out there, but also semi-matt and matt. For sure, they are always a must if paired with closed toe shoes.


Let me tell you, recently I went for my dental cleaning and I was chatting to my 23 year old dental hygienist. She was telling me about a beautiful wedding she just recently attended. I asked her if she wore pantyhose. Her answer was naturally “no”, as that of most Canadian-born women her age, but she said that she would if she would have a pair. Never in her life she tried on pantyhose, not even once, and there is currently none in her wardrobe.

It’s hard to say whether she said that she would wear it if she would have it just to please me, since she knows that this is what I work with. But at least it’s clear where this “fashion advice” is coming from that gets authentic fashion experts to raise their eye brows.

Juliana models Fiore Lemonade Stay Ups

June 29, 2017 under Fiore

Lemonade Stay Up Stockings by Fiore Hosiery on Juliana tanned legsI asked my friend Juliana to take some photos for me. She just got back from Brazil and she has a very nice tan.

Anything yellow looks amazing with a tan and I thought she would be a perfect person to ask to model this style. She didn’t have anyone to help her with the photo, so she snapped a few herself.

I think these stay up stockings look much nicer in reality compare to the photo on the original package. It is also good to see that it fits nicely all women, even those with fuller thighs.

Buy it here – Lemonade by Fiore 

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eBay changes affecting Canadian sellers

June 26, 2017 under News

Dear customers, a lot of you bought from me previously on eBay for whatever reason. Well, with their recent changes, a Canadian top seller like me is completely discouraged to sell to Canadian customers! Ironic.

This all boils down to the fact that in order to maintain my top seller status, I need to provide tracking 95% of the time. eBay launched their spring seller update on June 20th, probably just in time to celebrate #Canada150 birthday, our country turning 150 years old.

To ship a light pair of stockings without tracking as letter mail would cost me $1.80 Canadian. To ship it with tracking would mean a little bit over $12 Canadian. Big difference! Who’d pay that?

I recently bought a t-shirt from another Canadian seller, before these changes kicked  in, and she sent it to me via letter mail, charging me only $3.50 shipping. With the current requirements she would have to charge me probably about $13 to ship and that would be a real deal breaker.

If I don’t abide by those regulations, I’ll lose my top seller status and I no longer will rank as high as I do in eBay search. This may affect my business.

As a result, my target eBay customer is a US-based one because I can use a logistics company to take those packages across the border and pay domestic USPS rates that provide tracking and are so much lower than Canadian shipping rates.

In conclusion, please, no matter where you are based, I encourage you to buy from this site rather than from eBay. Without eBay fees I can offer better sales on products. All pricing on this site is in Canadian dollars and you are still fully protected by Paypal’s policies.


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Storia Line by Fiore – 50% OFF

June 25, 2017 under News

I am running a 50% OFF sale on everything from Fiore’s Storia line to celebrateall the Pride events across Canada and United States. Usually you only see discontinued items on sale, but these are regular best sellers and it is really an exception. Don’t wait!

Glam Hold Ups by Fiore

glam-20-den stay up stockings by Fiore hold ups sheer

Charm Tights by Fiore

charm-20-den pantyhose with french cut lace panty and sheer leg Fiore

Provoke Stockings by Fiore

Fiore hosiery, pin up style stockings, vintage look

Gossip Stockings by Fiore

gossip-20-den polka dot 20 den sheer backseam stockings by Fiore

Vanity Stockings by Fiore

belt stockings, vintage look, pin up

Sin Tights by Fiore

sin-20-den backseam cuban heel tights by Fiore with contrast pattern and reinforced toe and heel and sole

Intrigue Tights by Fiore

intrigue-20-den backseam dotted tights by Fiore hosiery contrast style

Lust Stay Up Stockings by Fiore

lust-20-den stay up stockings with leopard print welt and backseam, Cuban heel, RHT, reinforced heel and toe, Fiore

Angel Tights by Fiore

ANGEL 20 den mock stocking suspender tights by Fiore, white sensual bridal hosiery

Innocent Stay Up Stockings by Fiore

sensual bridal hosiery

Pearl Tights by Fiore

bridal pantyhose

The One Hold Ups by Fiore

fancy hold ups for wedding, bride, bridal

Blush Stockings by Fiore

classic belt stockings in nude shade with pink flowers

This is a limited time sale to celebrate all the Pride parades across the country. Please don’t miss out to get 50% OFF!

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