Women Oriented Hotel in Calgary Offers Pantyhose to Visitors

Hyatt women oriented hotel in Calgary decided to offer women-friendly service with rooms equipped with curling irons, hairspray, deodorant, and even pantyhose!  For a travelling woman these are essential items that she just can’t do without.

Business woman sitting in airport lounge, feet on suit case

Hyatt Women Oriented Hotel in Calgary Offers Pantyhose to Visitors

I really hope that when I visit Calgary, I’ll stay at that pantyhose hotel.  Looks like I may need to go there soon anyway, after they recover from the flood.  It is a very developed city and I only managed to see it for about an hour before when I drove through it.  Many people come there for business.

Isn’t this a progress that a hotel finally decides to recognize pantyhose as a basic need for a business woman?  It’s just as important as groomed hair and clean clothes.

A big hosiery fan like me for sure won’t forget to pack pantyhose, but I still would be excited to dig through some pantyhose provided in my hotel room.  Do you have any thoughts on this new marketing technique for hotels?  With the growing number of female entrepreneurs, this could be a very smart strategy.

8 thoughts on “Women Oriented Hotel in Calgary Offers Pantyhose to Visitors

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that hotel provides a cheap brand like No Nonsense or L’Eggs rather than Wolford or the European brands that you are fond of.

    • Eric, at least it’s a step towards recognizing that women need pantyhose for work. I also think those are probably cheap brands, one time use. I also wonder how they handle the sizing.

  2. That sounds very interesting. If I ever will go to Calgary I know wich hotel I will stay at. I hope more hotels worldwide will do the same.

  3. Seriously, anybody that complains about free pantyhose, for women, should get their priority in place.

    Also, Wolford pantyhose, costs around $60.00 a pair. How can they make money unless they add that cost to the hotel room.

  4. Rather unnecessary, no?…..
    Business women always pack extra hose, and I have never been to an upscale hotel that does not carry stockings/pantyhose in their in-hotel gift shop….in various brands, colors, sizes, etc.

    • some items they keep in the room and you can get essential items delivered to your room at no charge

      curling and flat iron
      yoga mat
      hand weights
      make up and nail polish remover wipes
      hair spray
      sanitary products

      yes, women forget, so many times I forgot my hairbrush because I was fixing my hair on the morning of departure and forgot to pack it.

  5. I think it is a great idea. Even if it is a cheaper brand. C,mon, you can’t really expect them to provide Wolfords!

    • I saw a woman at a networking event and she had like 10 runs in that pantyhose. I asked her what’s going on and she said that she hates pantyhose. Well, in that case I suggested she’d rather take it off than walk around with so many holes.

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