2nd Skin Pantyhose Marketing Plan

Look what I found floating on the internet… Not on purpose, I was simply looking for marketing information on pantyhose for an article that I want to put together.  I won’t release the topic just yet, but I promise it will generate a lot of noise.

2nd Skin Pantyhose Marketing Plan seems to touch on competition (Under Armour), but somehow I find their financial projections to be almost absent.  I’d expect to see some kind of focus groups personally in that section.

Manufacturers of panty hose have long recognized that there is a vast untapped market for their product: men seeking relief from wind and cold. However, panty hose manufacturers have been unable to tap directly into this market because of the stigma associated with men wearing what are considered women’s undergarments. This research presents a strategy to openly market panty hose to men and take advantage of this opportunity.

View the rest of the marketing plan here:


I realize that this is available to public, hence I see no problem talking about it on my blog.  But if 2nd Skin people decide they don’t like it, please tell me and I’ll take this post down right away.

For me personally the most interesting part of the document is the sources since I’d love to get my hands on actual goods.



6 thoughts on “2nd Skin Pantyhose Marketing Plan

  1. So another company is going to give it a shot? Good luck to Under Armour. You’ll need it. Not because I am against men wearing pantyhose …lol. Those that know me know I have the completely opposite opinion. It’s just that when these companies like Wolford or Gerbe or Under Armour put out a pantyhose for men – they come up with something less than desirable and gimmicky. I’ve worn pantyhose practically all my life and have hose on as I type this – I wore what people call women’s pantyhose. I call it pantyhose. Gender has nothing to do with it for me. Tip to Under Armour. Don’t overdo the ‘ruggedness and robustness’ thing and try not to make your product bulky. Wolford did that with Waistock and it was a ‘Waist’ of time. Best bet is to market it as a Unisex hosiery or as Men’s Tights. Otherwise you just dumped millions of dollars for nothing.

  2. If the company emphasizes the function (warmth in cold/windy weather) in a straightforward way, that might work. Peter_a’s tips make sense. Advertising for that kind of hosiery wouldn’t have to be “feminine” but also not bulky/rugged.

  3. Interesting article and I agree with Peter’s comments. There already is an American company out there marketing pantyhose for men (let’s call a spade a spade). They’ve been doing it for years and call it Mantyhose. G. Lieberman & Sons (www.glieberman&sons) sells a wide range of products intended for men only. My experience from buying various products from them is that their quality is hit and miss. Their pantyhose is more expensive than what I can find in equivalent women’s styles. These days I just buy ladies styles that fit me as well and provide equivalent comfort for less money and support Vancouver, B.C. merchants. Unless Lieberman is not able to keep up with the demand by men for these products, I don’t really see much potential for the 2nd Skin line in my humble opinion. Why do I wear pantyhose? For the sheer love of it!

    • Hi, Chris! Happy to hear there is another enthusiast in Vancouver!

      I also think that there is not much difference here. Just a marketing strategy.

      Like I saw “shampoo for men”. It makes no difference. Shampoo is just shampoo.

  4. Why wouldn’t I give marketed for men only pantyhose products another try? Because I believe it will not offer much difference (besides a fly opening in front) and still cost more than the much better variety ladies alternatives. Let’s face it I just don’t want to get hosed at the check out.

  5. Pantyhose for men need to be marketed as work tights (and work-out tights!) so that there is a distinction in men’s minds from fashion pantyhose. So, as I see it, this company is on the right track. Stereotypically, a man works, hunts, fishes, plays sports, works out, but is not interested in looking fashionable. Somewhat older men can plead health issues. Hence, I often wear nude pantyhose with shorts. On those extremely rare occasions that anyone asks, they’re support hose for my tired, aching (and shaved) legs.

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