This week 20% of Sales are Donated to Orphans in Ukraine

January 27, 2014 under News

Dear friends,

I would like to say that starting Monday and ending Sunday I will keep track of all the sales and give 20% of them as a donation to orphans in Ukraine in need of chemotherapy.

There is a group of Ukrainian volunteers based out of Winnipeg who contribute to the cause.  Even though that country provides chemo, it is not reliable and not as efficient as it could be, so they need to raise money to acquire treatment from abroad.

If you require more information, ask me and I’ll send it to you.


Hosiery Statistics – Pantyhose sells better then Leggings

February 8, 2012 under Practical

Do people buy more pantyhose?

I recently read a statistic from UK that 75% of all hosiery sold are pantyhose.  What does this mean?

I don’t know, but in my opinion it is natural that women will buy more pantyhose then leggings because pantyhose wears out faster.  Most runs happen at the toe nails and leggings are footless, therefore longer lasting.

graphite Fiore

Annette leggings by Fiore – available at the shop section.

Thus, I find such hosiery statistics a little misleading.  But yes, there is some truth to it that as a result people buy pantyhose more frequently than leggings.

Let’s say that my friends complain that they buy pantyhose all the time.  But they never manage to have that problem with leggings because those tend to be made of thicker yarn and they are not damaged by the shoes or toe nails.

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