End of FantasyWetlook.com

March 13, 2013 under News
wetlook picture lauma lingerie

FantasyWetlook.Com used to be a fun blog about wetlook, but shut down due to lack of funding

Dear friends,

Some of you know that I had another blog before – FantasyWetlook.com

It just closed down 1 hour ago.

I am very sad about it, but I felt that it would be best to close it rather than to keep an inactive blog.

Fantasy Wetlook got disqualified from all major advertiser networks (ex. Google Adsense, Chitika, Izea).

Not sure how, since there was no nudity there, but it was interpreted as “not for kids” material, even though some of the articles were so innocent in their nature.

Without funding, it didn’t make sense to continue this blog.  It’s a lot of work to generate content, censor comments, and so on.

My Fantasy Wetlook Youtube and Twitter still exist though.  I am not planning on closing those down.

MORE RECENT UPDATE: My Fantasy Stockings blog, the one you are reading, got kicked out of Google Adsense as well.  Hence, for that reason I am trying to develop an active shop section.  At the moment this is the only source of funding for this blog.  Please pay a visit if you are in the market for some sexy hosiery.

Fantasy Stockings is a registered business name.


The End of the Leg Show Magazine

January 11, 2013 under News

leg show magazine stopped publishing - finished - out of business

It’s been mentioned on the pantyhose forum that Leg Show no longer publishes its North American edition.  This magazine was of adult nature, with a focus on stockings, pantyhose, and glamorous legs in general.

I am sad to hear that such magazines are becoming extinct with all the online material that is available for bedroom entertainment.  Could the fate of Playboy be threatened too?


P.S. Update at a later date… I got myself a copy of a Leg Sex magazine. You may still be able to buy some at the Books Unlimited Store in Vancouver. Google it, they keep on getting vintage magazines.