Fortissima, Run Resistant by Gatta

This video shows off Fortissima pantyhose by Gatta.  Amazing quality!  Available at the shop section.  Fortissima pantyhose is the softest and strongest from Gatta line.  If you’d be to choose only one style to try, that would be it.

Gatta Brand

The company that owns the brand is called Ferax and it is located in a small Polish city called Zdunska Wola. Perhaps there is not much in that city except for that factory.  That district in general has very well established textile industries.
This beautiful and seductive video is an advertisement for a Polish brand called Gatta and for their run resistant Fortissima pantyhose.  This brand dominates Russian and Polish market and is considered to be one of the most well-launched brands in Poland.

Wearing Fortissima Pantyhose

run proof, non run, tights, Pantyhose advertised here is Fortissima, but probably more like in 30 den.  I only so far tried 15 den and 20 den in Fortissima style.  It came out around 2010 and I got my hands on it right away during my visit to Europe.  Amazed by the quality, I kept on buying more and more of it for daily wear.

It is run resistant, not to say completely run-free, but the quality is really good for the price, that’s for sure.  Such properties are achieved by Lycra Fusion mechanism.  A friend of mine told me that she ripped hers with the zipper from her boot by accident, but it didn’t run all over the place, so she returned home and stitched it.  Still wears it, with boots of course.

Another friend of mine, Michelle, likes this style because she finds that it fits comfortably around her hips. She’s got a bit of a fuller figure.

Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your comments!

5 thoughts on “Fortissima, Run Resistant by Gatta

  1. That looked more like semi opaque to me! Probably colour grading of video made it look so.. anyways where are you intending to get these hose from? As far as I know itsocks used to carry them but now that itsocks has officially wrapped up business, I’m unable to find places to order Gatta hosiery again, and I really love Gatta legwear! Cheap but yet catching up with quality hosiery products such as Charnos!

    • Hi, Andreas,

      I’ve got quite a lot of it. My best friends all work in the fashion industry. It was the original plan for this blog to become an online store, but that detoured for a couple of years.

      I’ve got a few 30 den Fortissima in size Large if you are into it. I just didn’t post it for sale yet because it’s only left in Large.


  2. I really like the look of Gatta pantyhoses. I guess I have to go to Poland this coming autumn when I am back from my work here in Africa.

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