Women in Red – more attractive! (according to a study)

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova is wearing all red, but in my opinion this Slavic beauty is overdoing it. I’ve been taught not to wear only one colour.


 Is Red the colour of Love?

I read something interesting in Vancouver’s Metro Newspaper.  A new study looked at what attracts men to women – it proved that red is really the colour of love!  Never estimate the power of a woman in red.

Men were asked to look at photos of women.  Part of those photos either involved a woman wearing red or were framed in red borders.  As a result, women either surrounded by red or wearing red were ranked to be most attractive.

  • Women in Red

  • – more attractive
  • – more sexually desired
  • – more likely to be asked out
  • – more likely to be spent more money on

Primitive, isn’t it?  I guess that can help women to determine what colour dress to wear to a date with someone you’d like to impress.   I think it’s time for me to add more red to my wardrobe!


In some cultures the word “red” is actually the same word as “beautiful”.  For example, in old Slavic languages saying “red maiden” was equivalent to “beautiful maiden”.  This expression can still be found in old Slavic folk songs.

This article reminds me of something that I’ve read in a book called E-Myth about business. It turns out that blue business suits will outsell brown business suits, regardless of who is in them. We don’t notice, but a lot of our decisions are not logical decisions at all, rather subconscious.

МирÐ°Р“ђВЅГђВґГђ° ГђЕЎГђµР“‘€Ñ€ ГђВІ крÐ°Р“‘Ð½Ñ‹Ñ… чуÐ»Р“ђВєГђ°Р“‘… - крÐ°Р“‘Ð½Ñ‹Ð¹ это сÐ°Р“ђВјГ‘‹Ð¹ сÐµР“ђВєГ‘ВЃГ‘Ж’Гђ°Р“С’»Р“‘ŒÐ½Ñ‹Ð¹ цвÐµР“‘‚


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Source: Metro Vancouver Newspaper, March 2012

7 thoughts on “Women in Red – more attractive! (according to a study)

  1. Nice and interesting note on this blog section revelating the power of red in fashion and fetish attire.

  2. Well, interesting to read, but it doesn’t apply to me. Attractiveness really doesn’t depend on the colour, there are many other factors. And I’m certainly not a fan of red pantyhose in general, only for fun when they are exremely sheer and shiny. The pantyhose in the pictures are far too thick to my liking in any case. I like pantyhose to be tan, black or a shade in between them and always sheer, transparent and perferably shiny.

  3. Red, yes it is an attractive color. The song, “The Red strokes” by Garth Brooks says a lot about this topic. “Oh the lows will be blue & then jealousy green, but When Love makes its ‘mark’ (?) it demands to be seen”. I think many of us see it as thee stand-out colour. We luv the 2 photos here in this article – especially seeing the lovely red Pantyhose. (and we like the sexy layering of the 2 pairs of Pantyhose!) When my girlfriend here is wearing red she is noticed a little bit more (of course if she is wearing glossy lip-stick red Pantyhose, she will turn most everyone’s head) – Purple is also said to be 1 of the most passionate colours. A girl wearing a shiny satin purple blouse will surely grab attention.
    – Great Legs in very alluring Pantyhose will always steal the show. A bright (not dull or faded) fire-engine red pair of Pantyhose on great legs will steal the show and continue to pull peoples line of sight.

  4. I don’t see women wear red that much in the area of the world (Kentucky) that I live in. When they do, it is eyecatching. Is it always more desirable? Not really – it depends on the woman. The Lady In Red used to be known as The Girl Of the Evening, and I suppose there’s still a little fear of that, at least in conservative areas. Women don’t want to appear to overtly sexual. I don’t see a problem with it all, though, sporadically – as long as it’s worn in a classy, yet sexy way – just like anything else.

  5. You’re right, she needed more contrast in what she wore. The all red is a little much – the red stockings aren’t as special if everything else is red. I’d almost go as far as to say that red stockings should be kept to lingerie…although I’m sure there are ways to complement them right in a woman’s outfit.

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