Women wear men’s clothing – it’s a norm.  Men in women’s clothing – a comedy.  Why?

I’ve read an interesting note recently that some men secretly desire to try women’s clothing.  Of course, research confirms this and it’s a very common interest.

If a woman wakes up in the morning and takes her husband’s shirt, it’s OK.  If she wears his scarf and sprays it with her perfume, it’s also fine.

However, a guy in his girlfriend’s frilly pink night gown would most likely cause a laughter attack.  Or, perhaps he would be perceived as a crossdresser.

What if a man wants to try pantyhose?  It only seems to be acceptable for a Robin Hood costume or for a bank robbery.  Also, a pink women’s night gown on a man would also probably just cause laughter.

So women wearing men’s stuff is OK, it’s equality after all here…  one time a girl at my work even admitted that she wore her boyfriend’s pants because her own were in the laundry.  But a woman is never called a crossdresser.

Men wearing women’s clothing – funny or worse.  Could this be time for a change?

Here is a fun picture that I found online, not sure where this is from, but these people obviously are open-minded about clothing and self-expression.

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14 thoughts on “Crossdresser?

  1. I wear pantyhose on a very regular basis. Sometimes, it’s just hose under my regular clothes, sometimes I complety dress up. Really depends on my mood and what kind of time I have. If I am going to be doing any kind of wet or messy fun, I am always in pantyhose

  2. So women wearing men’s stuff is OK, it’s equality after all here…
    You are right, it is all equality after all, sadly the equality only goes one way and not only in the field of clothing but the majority of men don’t even seem to notice it in the slightest way.
    Time for a change? Definitely, it’s long overdue.
    I wear pantyhose often, I like it, it is a lot more comfortable and pleasant to wear than anything made for men. Men should also have the freedom to wear whatever pleases them and they feel good inm but as lomg as they allow themselves to be pushed more and more into a dead end corner, a change will not happen very soon.

  3. I love to wear pantyhose. Okay I am fetishist, and probably crossdresser, but why I have to do this and keep it in secret. Often I run, and only this time I can put on my pantyhoses. Many people watch me and watch my pantyhosed legs, but when I run I don’t care about it. My legs are pretty – and I love to feel pantyhose on my legs, and also I love of the shiny look of my legs in pantyhose. But I am absolutely normal, straight, I have a wife, and I have a child… so what is the problem? That’s me, and that’s all. 🙂

  4. I always where pantyhose as a man. Whether its with pants or shorts it does not matter to me. I wear both women’s brands and men’s brands. For those that don’t know try for men’s brands. They even make them with fly openings.

  5. Good for you guys. Its sad that alot of people think you’re gay just cause you love to wear. I’ve never had a single gay thought yet I love them. I’m wearing a pair right now.

  6. I’m happy that the guys on the pic wear their hosiery openly and in full confidence but personally I dislike torn hosiery.

    “What if a man wants to try pantyhose? It only seems to be acceptable for a Robin Hood costume or for a bank robbery.”
    Exactly. For society, a man who wear hosiery MUST HAVE A REASON for doing so. He can wear dance tights if he does ballet. He can wear medical pantyhose if his legs swell from a blood circulation problem. He can wear opaque tights if he dresses as Robin Hood or if he goes to carnival. However, if he dares to wear hosiery for no reason in particular, to get his legs warm or simply for pleasure, no, he can’t! No need to add that I think this preset thinking is stupid and ridiculous.

    People are not conscious that fashion moves over time and that what was once considered weird is now acceptable and vice-versa. I feel a considerable progress has been accomplished recently, especially since Internet exists but there are still people to convince, first to mind their business and second not to label gay someone whose pleasure is to wear hosiery. There is no automatic connection between gayness and wearing hosiery. There are gays who will never wear pantyhose.

    • You bring up a good point! Actually yesterday I saw a guy walking in shorts and pantyhose – white guy, didn’t look gay at all. I was so surprised! I was driving and I was tempted to stop and go talk to him.

  7. I think that men wearing neon colors or flowery patterns trimmed with lace and frills is always going to be a hard sell. However, I think that we can wear pantyhose with shorts and knee-length denim or khaki skirts already. Just be prepared to be looked at… hosiery attracts attention, no matter which sex.

  8. I wear tights almost every day under pants in winter and with bermuda lenght shorts or capri pants. In summer time. I got a funny stare once in a while but people just ignore me mostly.

    • Thanks! I happen to be wearing capri pants and tights right now as we speak.
      But of course, I’m a woman, so rarely I get looks. Even though people do wonder sometimes why I am dressed up, in their opinion.

      • Yeah it look great with capri pants, i wear them at work too. I wear nail polish at work no reaction so I was expecting a few comments but nothing oh well. I’m actually wearing black opaque tights with black dropped crotch cotton shorts that give me a look like Rick Owens clothing and avant garde style Ohji Yamamoto clothes.

  9. I’m not gay or a crossdresser, I don’t wear women’s clothes. After long workouts at the gym I would put on a pair of L’eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose when got home helped my legs feel better, so working out three times a week and putting on the sheer energy pantyhose I got used to them and found I like them and now addicted and wearing them even on the days I don’t workout. I don’t wear anything under them, I like the feel of the nylon against my bare butt. I wear them under my jeans and with socks. Re. me not wearing women’s clothes, I guess pantyhose are women’s clothes; you get the idea though.

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