Is it possible to tan through pantyhose?

pantyhose and shorts on the beachI’ve seen some photos of people tanning through lace fishnet pantyhose in a pattern that looked like someone printed the fabric onto the leg.  Let’s just say, it looked very strange.

But is it possible to tan through pantyhose that is sheer and doesn’t have any holes in it?

I was wearing my pantyhose in Hawaii, but I didn’t manage to tan.  I don’t know if it’s because I barely tan in general or because of the hosiery.  Another reason maybe because I tried to stay out of the sun between 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., as recommended by dermatologists.

But if you’d go and lie on the beach in blazing sun, would you catch a sun tan through pantyhose?

I’d love to hear your opinions if it’s possible to tan through pantyhose!

5 thoughts on “Is it possible to tan through pantyhose?

  1. I think that most clothing has an SPF affect to them, unless their weave is loose enough to let ultraviolet radiation through. There are tan-through swimsuits available, though maybe your hose may not have a loose-enough weave to allow the UVA and UVB to get through.

    Then again, like you said, you may have super-fair skin and don’t tan.

    • Yes, that’s right! It’s Falke, shiny 15 den, sent to me by a fan. It is so durable, you’ll think it’s 40 den. Really durable for sheer pantyhose.

  2. Outstanding to see pantyhose on the beach….

    It is possible to tan through pantyhose….. But it depends on a few factors..

    My findings are… A lot depends on denier… How much Lycra there is… And if the yarn is matt or shiny….Plus is Wet or dry after pool or beach…

    I feel that the yarn to some degree reflects sun and UV rays…

    DE PAREE manufacture sun protect sheer pantyhose ….

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