Las Vegas Strip Strip Hooray Burlesque Performance

This is a fun photo from Strip Strip Hooray in Las Vegas of a burlesque performer in a sexy corset, garter belt, and vintage looking stockings.

In this show the dancer playfully takes off everything except for nipple covers and her undies and jumps into this giant martini glass full of water, gracefully splashing around.  It caught my eye because it is not a common concept.

I would love to see such a beautiful show some day, but burlesque doesn’t seem to be big in Canada.  They may have independent performances from time to time in small community centres  but that’s about it.

I’d love to hear your opinion on burlesque.  Did you ever go to a show?  I love the concept of art and sexuality combined and I hope that this lovely tradition will not disappear.  Glad to see that Las Vegas is popularizing that style with this wonderful show.

Dita von Tease from Strip Strip Hooray in Las Vegas in stockings and lingerie

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3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip Strip Hooray Burlesque Performance

  1. Burlesque is becoming more popular and accepted here in the UK. It has it’s own little fierce subculture which is actually quite feminist. I know this because my ex-wife was into it for a while and I went to a “sparkle” event with her where the girls swop and buy their costumes and lingerie and make contacts.

    • I really want to come to London and check it out. It’s sad, I’ve been to London several times, but I didn’t get too far from the airport. Being there in transit doesn’t really count!

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