Sweet n Pantyhose loses her battle with cancer

I am very sad to hear these news and I looked over her work with a teary eye.  Of course, I didn’t know her personally, but with this lady being so open about her joys and struggles, I think that all of us feel as if we did.


Sweet and her husband Outlaw were running a pantyhose blog, in some ways similar to mine.  They even organized pantyhose parties and many of their fans had a chance to meet them in person.


Facebook Page with this info is here: https://www.facebook.com/Stage4ColonCancer#

In 2010 Sweet was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to the liver.  She went for chemotherapy treatment and surgery at the Viera hospital.  On July 28, 2012 Sweet passed away surrounded by her family.  Memorial Service for Sweet (Sharri Kimberley) was held on August 25, 2012 in Rockledge, Florida.  Another point that moves to tears – she asked not to spend money on flowers, but to donate it to your local Woman’s Abuse Shelter.

Outlaw, please accept my condolences, even though there is no way for me to even imagine the pain you are going through.  This pain is shared by many, as it is probably impossible to find a person who hasn’t ever lost someone to cancer.


Websites by Sweet n Pantyhose and Outlaw:






10 thoughts on “Sweet n Pantyhose loses her battle with cancer

  1. I know how hard it is to find a partner that you not only love but share and enjoy many things with. I can’t totally fathom what they have had to go through but I’m very sure I can understand his loss. Truly sad. My personal condolences to the entire family.

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  4. Been following Sweet for a long time. Lost contact for a couple of years. Cannot believe she’s not with us anymore. I never met her, never knew her, but she still affected my life. In very positive ways. A very beautiful and sexy lady who knew how to arouse curiosity. My condolences to Outlaw. I am devastated and didn’t even know her – How great your loss must be. This is terrible. You have my utmost sympathy.

  5. Hello everyone,

    Update since my soul mate has passed, this is her hubby, Outlaw! All five of our children are doing great and beginning their path through life. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since her passing to the other side. 24 hours before she passed we witnessed her chatting with Jesus and looking up into heaven…her pain left and the beauty in her face shined, she had us all laughing. We each had a chance to pray with her, her a personal message from her to each of us and tell her how much we loved her, then she drifted off until passing 24hours later.
    She had contacted so many through the spirit, I could share stories all day. I have started dating, but my heart literally hurts 24 hours a day. She is always touching my heart, I am always missing her, but one day I will get my opportunity to pass from this life to be with her for eternity. She has shared two places in heaven that she loves visiting, cannot wait until I get to once explore again with her!!!!
    I have started a new company on makeup and beauty, will be launching it soon. That way I can leave something for the children and give to the woman’s abuse shelter!
    Looking at hosting a pantyhose party for couples in Vegas 2015, hopefully I will have a regular date by then, lol.
    Sweet Dreams,

  6. such a lovely lady who shared her love of life with everyone, i`m so sorry to read that she has passed away after a long batle with illness, fought with great courage and dignity. Rest in peace ,gone but not forgotten.x

  7. Soy de México y tristemente me vengo enterando de la noticia y veo cómo el cáncer sigue cobrando vidas femeninas. Lo digo de primera mano pues mi esposa acaba de morir por cáncer hace apenas 3 meses.
    Mis condolencias para Outlaw y jamás olvidaré las fabulosas fotos que Sweet y él compartieron con quienes fuimos sus fans.

  8. Thank You Outlaw for allowing your dear Sweet model for us men who adore ladies who wear pantyhose, In South Texas Girls say pantyhose is old fashion and that I am pervert I guess that is why I am single. You were lucky to have her as a wife. Love to have a pair of heels or pantyhose she wore and I know they are not free but at least a pair of her hose. If not it’s ok. Just disabled guy who loves pantyhose I even do some cross dresser but pantyhose, knee highs, thigh highs.

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