Vera Wylde and Her Tips for Crossdressers

Vera Wylde

Vera Wylde is one of my most favourite crossdressers to watch on Youtube.  Even though I am a genetic woman myself, I always had that question of “How do they do it?” when looking at a beautiful drag queen on stage.

One time in Toronto I saw a feminine apparition like that at the Pride Parade and I was amazed by her grace to the point that I asked her if I could kiss her hand.  She let me!  Really don’t know if she expected a gesture of this sort from a woman, especially a straight woman, who knows.

Vera in her Youtube show reveals many secrets of how dressers can pull it off so well.  Here are some that I find especially entertaining.

Breast Inserts

The general rule of thumb is that if it has breasts, it’s a woman!  It’s like a badge of femininity.  Actually not only dressers have the challenge of creating breasts.  There are women who are flat chested, but don’t look like that because of all the padding and silicone breast forms that they insert in their bra.

Vera mentions breast forms as a more feasible option to fill the bra, create a cleavage without looking like a caricature.  But she warns you that it may be expensive!  You can see some examples at this breast form store that sells them so realistic that they even have a nipple.  Vera recommends to acquire a pair because otherwise the clothes just doesn’t fit properly – she already owns two sets herself.

You can watch the video below where she talks about some tips and points out technical details that she discovered for herself, like why an insert that was supposed to be cup D ended up fitting like cup C.  For most of us it’s probably a surprise that such inserts even exist.


Vera also touched on the topic of hosiery: knee highs, stockings, stay ups, pantyhose.  For most of you this is pretty basic information, however I must admit I’ve never seen anyone roll on stockings before.  I bunch mine up in my hands and slowly release it as I pull it on.

Her preference is stockings over pantyhose because she doesn’t like the constricting feeling on the top.  She would rather wear a garter belt to hold up her stocking.  In one of her stage performances she even dances around in a corset and stockings held up by a 6 strap garter belt.

High Heels

Walking on high heels is a challenge that not only cross dressers experience.  When I lived in Toronto, I remember laughing every time I’d go to a club.  Young women there would get a tipsy and begin to wobble off the dance floor, grabbing on walls and bystanders, trying not to fall off those stiletto heels or lose a shoe all together.

Vera mentions that it is better to buy a shoe that has a thicker heel and a strap on the top.  That type of shoe looks like a tango shoe and that strap makes it so much more comfortable to wear.  This is a perfect shoe for women like described above who don’t want to end up walking around barefoot by the end of the party.  A sky high heel shoe just will look comical on a person who can’t walk on it.

Vera Wylde recently started a form of Q & A called “Dear Vera”.  So if you have a question for her, feel free to ask her.  She is a very unique individual with a lot of insight on the subject and she also runs a blog.  Maybe some day I’ll get lucky and have a chance to watch her perform on stage or even meet in person.

8 thoughts on “Vera Wylde and Her Tips for Crossdressers

  1. Thanx for a nice thread about crossdressing. I will mention those you tube viddeos for my brotheer who is a transvestite. There are too many words that are almost the same like crossdresser, transvestite, drag queen etc… Please don’t mix them up. I am pleased to see that you wrote she about Vera.

    • Hi, Loretta!

      Nice to hear that your brother is an open-minded type of guy. At least when he gives you a nice compliment about your clothing, you know that he knows what he’s talking about.

      I guess I still don’t really know what word refers to what kind of dressing exactly. I looked up Vera’s intro on Youtube. This is what she says:

      “Vera is a crossdresser as well as a drag performer and model.”

      She only dresses from time to time, so it’s not her daily attire. But when she performs (she has some videos from Pride), she puts on quite a show!

  2. This is a common explanation of different words.
    A transsexual person make surgery to be the other gender.
    A transvestite wants to look like the other gender.
    A crossdresser use clothes for both gender. It could be a guy who wear a skirt, but still lokk like a guy.
    A drag queen or king dress as the opposite gender at stageperfformances.
    It is not easy to use the correct word.

    • Those are handy explanations. Thanks, Loretta!

      I wonder why there is a lot of hype about dressing from male to female, but not the other way around. It’s almost like a double standard.

      People don’t giggle if they see a woman walking in a pair of men’s boots and jeans and a t-shirt.

      Actually I even heard from some stylist in a show that “it’s so sexy to take your men’s clothes and start wearing it”.

      However, I guess the answer may be that women already dominate that unisex clothing that used to be for men, so it is probably hard to imagine what a woman can put on to look like a “real man”.

  3. And not all transsexual people want surgery. Some transsexual people just take hormones, or some dont take hormones. Basically, a transsexual is someone who lives in a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth.

    And you know, there are more than two genders and sexes.

  4. I’ve watched some of Vera’s videos before, though it could’ve been a few years ago. My understanding of the terms is that a drag queen is a paid stage performer singing and dancing. A crossdresser is me, just doing it for fun and trying to look feminine, and hopefully doing it well. Someone with the performing ability could be both.

  5. Luv your vids, I had a question, was wondering if u r attracted to men. I’m bi, but attracted to men, but if any encounter were to happen I’d would need to cross dress. I only like masculine fat short stocky men. Any advice, on how to explore my sexuality with these type men.

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