Striped pantyhose from Victoria Secret

August 25, 2015 under Brands

victoria secret striped pantyhoseOne of my fans got me a pair of these striped pantyhose to try. I wore it before only with shorts and flats as a casual look, but a few days ago I decided to wear it out to a restaurant with high heels and a black dress.

These pantyhose were very comfortable and durable, I am quite impressed with the quality. This is my 2nd time trying Victoria Secret hosiery.

Eventually I came to a conclusion that this pattern looks better with casual wear, but it was a nice experiment anyway.

What is your opinion, can stripes ever be worn with an evening dress?

7 Responses to "Striped pantyhose from Victoria Secret"

  • Loretta Martin says:

    Yes, definitely. Those tights looks great.

  • Bluegrass Cardinal says:

    I would say no. It’s a little too novel and ‘clownish’ looking, for lack of a better word. While wearing hose is always appreciated by us males…it’s too busy and out of place to me. But I don’t like hose with polka dots or patterns of any kind, really…so take that fwiw.

    • admin says:

      Funny, somehow the pattern also reminded me of the circus. Not in a bad way, I actually really love the art of circus and their costumes. But yeah, it’s not easy to match it and the pattern is very strong.

  • collant says:

    They are certainly are quite distinctive. I would vote for your more casual approach though.

  • Doug A. says:

    Try this with the hose. A red dress with black trim and red heels. Or even purple, light blue, pink, gold, or silver, etc. With all black the hose turns an outfit like you described as one note. With some color the hose will act as an accent for the outfit rather than stand out.the picture of your legs look sexy but i don’t see the rest of the outfit so it is hard to judge but I saw the little bit of red in the picture and that came to mind. Just some thoughts anyway.

  • Chris says:

    Hi Jess. I’m glad you enjoyed the VS pantyhose that I sent you. I sent you a follow-up email. Hope to hear from you soon, and have a nice day!

    – Chris

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