Vintage Nylon Briefs and Pantyhose Pack

Vintage One Size Valu-Pak 2 in 1 matching set Pantyhose and Nylon BriefsAs many of you may know, I love to try different brands including vintage ones. A friend of mine has a huge stash that I am trying to sell for her and part of it I keep for myself.

Here’s an example of something I’ve never seen before on the market. There is a value pack, 2 in 1, containing pantyhose and matching nylon panties. Who on earth would wear nylon panties without any cotton? I guess I see why this idea didn’t catch on.

Based on the illustration panties and pantyhose are to be worn separately. I can’t really imagine why someone would combine the two given that both are made out of the same material. On top of this all, both items claim to be one size fit all.

For me this is just really bizarre, so I can’t resist but blog about it. I uploaded both pairs on eBay that I had and they both sold right away.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Nylon Briefs and Pantyhose Pack

  1. I don’t know how old these are, but I think you hit on it. It just wasn’t a real thought out concept and somebody went ahead with a plan and manufactured them. I reckon there was a time when nylons were so wildly popular with women that anything sheer was widely embraced. Sigh…the good old days, I was born too late.

    • You know, to some extend I really secretly hoped nobody would buy these and I’d get to wear them myself. I haven’t seen all nylon panties at all.
      In fact, such items are even forbidden in some countries.

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