Are knee socks sexy?

CELTA 20 den dotted knee high socks by Fiore hosieryAs I was browsing some articles, I came across one of those “10 things lists” about what men find sexy. So knee socks were listed (and obviously pantyhose wasn’t mentioned at all) as an accessory that is wildly attractive because it feeds the fantasy of the good girl gone bad. It is a staple accessory of a school girl.

So I want to ask you, what do you say, are knee socks sexy or not?

I personally thing that pantyhose is way sexier because it is something that I associate with a fully grown and classy woman. Knee socks to me are more for school girls and for me this is about children or child wannabe.

Thanks to my parents, I ended up actually going to a Catholic high school and I absolutely hated the uniform. I wore mostly pantyhose, but during hot summer days I’d pull up my knee socks to make them look like over knees and got in a lot of trouble for that.

11 thoughts on “Are knee socks sexy?

  1. NO, knee socks are disgusting. I hate the feel of those to my feet and lower legs. It looks awful with knee socks. The person who invented kneesocks can’t be proud of it.
    I under stand some use knee socks outside the pantyhoses when wearing boots just to protect the pantyhoses from the zipper in the boots, but I have never done that and I doubt I will do it.

    It might look nice with some anklesocks outside the pantyhoses though. White anklesocks and dark coloured pantyhoses when wearing skirt or a dress.

  2. Really it all depends on the knee socks and how they are accessorized. Just like pantyhose, they can be a complete fail or just great! I’m partial to pantyhose, but thigh highs can definitely be sexy. Knee socks do fall victim to the clichГ© of being for younger girls.

  3. Yeah, I guess some guys are into that “schoolgirl” look (think of that infamous Britney Spears video), but they don’t do a thing for me.

    • Agree! I think that a guy who is 20 years old may find it cute to think of an 18-yr-old girl as a fantasy. But I just don’t find it very normal let’s just say for a 45 yr old dude to have that fantasy.

      A woman in pantyhose is a fantasy for a mature man who is ready for a real woman.

  4. I agree with you Jessica. When I was in school I preferred seeing the girls in uniform wearing tights rather than socks. The vast majority of these lists are composed by women, the same pantyhose hating women who hate on women wearing pantyhose and who think they know what appeals to men.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    These really turn me off. There is nothing more disapointing than a woman who wear them under their pants. Nothing is more sexy than a nice pair of legs with very sheer pantyhose. No pantins with them is really a plus.

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