Should workplaces enforce a dress code?

by Kate, Russia

Kate in nude fishnet tightsDress code: to have or not to have? As a sales manager I have been thinking about it a lot because my boss welcomes all possible styles out there.


I decided to wear smart casual clothes and sometimes mix styles (for meetings or trade shows), even though other employees are still changing their look every day. As for me, I like casual clothes, as I can relax and not think about all the discomfort a while blouse or shoes can cause.


I remember myself at school, when I liked outstanding bright colours, when I could put on pink tights and felt good about myself. But times change… as well as circumstances. What was good for a young girl doesn’t seem fine for an adult woman. What was good for school isn’t OK for an office.


Though my former habits haven’t died completely – I still like diversifying my smart casual with bright accessories. With tights, of course – I love fishnets, though they aren’t appropriate for all situations in life, just like some of my favourite fancy necklaces and purses.


During formal meetings with clients, I am wearing business clothes and nude tights. In general, dress code is a good thing as it brings order and gives the feeling of “belonging”, as long as it is not boring.

6 thoughts on “Should workplaces enforce a dress code?

  1. Additionally, as an employee, you are representing your employer. They may desire to present a certain image as their public face. This might include a dress code or uniform. A certain manner in dealing with clients and suppliers.

    PS: Great information Kate. thank you.

  2. I guess it depends on where you work. I used to do seismic acquisitions in Alaska and we must wore work clothes (company uniform) when I was in Peru I had a couple days for myself and headed tongue casino and it was amazing! All girls were on black pantyhose, really short skirts and some with flats or heels. Anyways, I think dress codes or wearing uniforms for job or school it’s not that bad, keeps you from over think your outfit in the morning (that happens to me hahaha) I’d love if my coworkers had to wear pantyhose and skirts… If had an office, I’d definitely call a dress code. I’d said enough nonsense! Love the blog!!!

  3. A very interesting post, Kate, and a great picture. I find that a dress code can take the anxiety out of dressing for work or particular occasions. So long as it is enforced in a reasonable way, and it is practical for your type of work, I think it is a good idea. Clothes that make you feel smart give you some confidence for the day, and good quality tights will certainly do that.

  4. A beautifully-written article, Kate.

    If people in a particular workplace are a little unclear on the concept of what clothing is suitable for business, then a dress code would be a good idea.

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