A note about pantyhose in my day calendar

Veronica tights in navy blue on my hipsMy grandfather got me one of those calendars where you tear off a page each day, featuring a humorous little story or poem on every page. One of them was about pantyhose! Here what was in the category “from real letters”:

“What is the correct way to put on pantyhose: over panties or panties over pantyhose? We had a bet with the girls, but nobody knows exactly how to wear and in what sequence to put it on and take it off.”

I’d love to hear what you say! Some women put on panties over pantyhose to prevent it from sliding down, but that’s probably the case with only really cheap pantyhose that doesn’t stay up on its own.


8 thoughts on “A note about pantyhose in my day calendar

  1. I’ll answer that question. The proper way to wear pantyhose is WITHOUT panties. They’re built in. Duh!

    • One time I tried that with pants over, I had blood later from the abrasions. The gusset itself is not enough to offer enough coverage. Pantyhose as panties was a marketing thing at some point in North America. You’ll find women here who do it, but not in places like Asia for example.

    • I would say that the exception here is seamless.
      Also exception if there is an actual panty built in, meaning a real control top made of thick fabric that doesn’t slide all over the place.

  2. I wear support pantyhose every day (as you know, Jessica!), and I always wear them without anything under them, although I generally wear a panty girdle or shaper over them to keep them in place.

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