Pantyhose under Leggings – Returning Trend?

July 10, 2017 under Vintage

leggings over pantyhose 1990sI found this photo online from 1992 of models showing off their leggings, worn over sheer pantyhose. This was a big trend back then!

Modern hosiery brands like Fiore actually launched several styles that imitate the look, having a sheer foot and an opaque leg. Some have even very nice designs around the ankle.

Personally I have never tried to wear those myself, but I must admit that they do sell pretty well. What are your thoughts? Do you find this look attractive?

One Response to "Pantyhose under Leggings – Returning Trend?"

  • randy says:

    Pantyhose under leggings are nice in fact that’s the way I myself wear them. Have several pairs of leggings in different colors that will wear a pair of glossy pantyhose under them. Bought a pair of leggings couldn’t pass them up was a great deal were Niki Minaj cheetah print for $6.

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