Remembering September 11 Tragedy

Even though this is obviously not related to the theme of my blog, most of our visitors are from United States.  I will never forget that day.  It affected people all over the world.

It happened that I was actually in NYC one week before this tragedy and I went to see those Twin Towers.  I went up to the top and watched the city from above.  A week later those towers were gone.  I still had those paper tickets in my purse.

One of my distant relatives who lived in NYC before has lost her mother in this tragedy.  I think that for residents of United States we all know someone who lost a dear one in 9/11.

At the time of the tragedy I was in Toronto, still in high school.  Nobody could concentrate on studying or teaching.  We were all shocked.  People were getting out of downtown as fast as possible just in case our tall buildings were on the schedule next.

I’d like to say to our American readers that my heart is with you.


5 thoughts on “Remembering September 11 Tragedy

  1. One friend’s mother escaped death because she had planned to go to work (later than usual) in one of those buildings that day. I was with that friend at the site about 6 months later, got a few pictures, it was amazing how empty that area looked with the buildings gone. Thanks for posting this.

    • There are a lot of miracle stories like that. I’ve heard that some girl slept in and it was supposed to be her first day of work. She was devastated to be late! It saved her life.

  2. I’m in afghanistan now because of this day. I pray that what I’m doing has made America a safer place. Thank you for posting this. Too many people have forgotten already about this tragic day.

    • Andrew, thank you for your comment, it really shows how we still feel the effects of 9/11. Afganistan… I can’t even imagine. It’s a whole different world there.

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