Kim Basinger in Golden Lady Pantyhose Commercial

I remember watching this commercial and wondering how they made it so sensual.  Kim Basinger (the actress from the first Batman movie) has amazing legs and her attitude is so sexy.

I also just recently tried Golden Lady, 20 den – one of those in a square box package that you see in Kim’s trunk in the commercial.  That type of pantyhose is not folded around a cardboard insert, it’s just stuffed into a little compact box.  Well, when I took it out, it wasn’t neatly folded, it was all wrinkled like crepe paper.

My experience overall was positive, but I can’t really say that it feels great.  I liked that they made the toe reinforced, but I am so already not used to seeing pantyhose without a gusset.

Golden Lady brand is not known in North America, but it is very common in Europe.  It is made in Italy and has a good reputation.  I have a couple of other styles on hand from this brand, so I’ll give it a try.


8 thoughts on “Kim Basinger in Golden Lady Pantyhose Commercial

  1. I quite like the golden lady brand… picked up a few pairs while I was in France years back. Not the box ones but in the plastic with cardboard insert. They fit like a second skin, didn’t sag at all, felt very smooth, and come in quite a variety of shades/colours. Alas like most pantyhose they succumb to ladders or snags, but that won’t stop me from buying them again. For how cheap they were, dollar for dollar they outmatch any brand I’ve tried in North America(referring to cheaper pantyhose that is).

  2. Wow, what a great commercial. If they played that in North America, it might just help turn around the current trend for bare legs year round.

    • I am not sure where it was aired, probably in Europe, but North America at some point also had a lot of pantyhose commercials. That was in 1990s.

      Places in Eastern Europe still have commercials for pantyhose up to this very day.

  3. I remember seeing it only once or twice late at night on UK TV. I have a couple of pairs of Golden Lady 10 denier . They fit quite tightly .

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