My Facebook friend dedicates her hosiery purchase to me!

I am so excited that one of my Facebook friends, Liz Anne, dedicated her purchase of tights to me!  No one has ever done that before.  That’s an original thought.

Liz is a Toronto-based PR professional who helps musicians to gain maximum publicity.

Liz is wearing Donna Karan pantyhose that she recently purchased.

For me, it nice to know that someone things about me when buying a fashion pair of hosiery!

Similar design by Chanel from my older article: 

4 thoughts on “My Facebook friend dedicates her hosiery purchase to me!

  1. Watching this photo, it reminded me I saw a dual colors pantyhose in a newsletter I receives in my email each week.

    It was some weeks ago and I’m glad I could retrieve the brand (Gerbe) in my memory. After I retrieved the newsletter, I realized Gerbe’s pantyhose’s design is actually a bit different, but very pretty as well. Here is the address on the manufacturer’s website:

    A variant, more similar to the Donna Karan’s pantyhose of your photo, can be found here:

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