Beyonce wears Wolford pantyhose

September 3, 2012 under Famous

I learned from the manager of Wolford in Toronto that Beyonce wears Neon 40 pantyhose in Gobi shade.  “It’s her colour!” – the lady said.  Looking at these images, you can see that it works great with her outfit.

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  • Carl says:

    Neon 40 are highly recommended… I got a black pair about a year ago in a sale…The comfort..Quality and fit is outstanding…

    It is true what Wolford say about them “A camouflaging effect for the legs, making the skin look smooth and flawless”

  • admin says:

    Do you think Beyonce wears size L? I wonder. She looks thick on the legs.

    • Carl says:

      Not sure about this one… Neon 40 are true to size…

      I am 5’10”… The L size fits perfectly…

      Beyonce is 5’6″… It could be a medium…

      • admin says:

        She’s shorter than I thought. Well, I’d still suggest size L for her because she is not that skinny. But I know that some women don’t like to buy anything with the word “large” on it. It makes them feel big.

        I think that hosiery sizes is a whole different game. It really has nothing to do with the person’s dress size. Going for a smaller size may actually cause the hosiery to rip faster.

  • James says:

    She most likely does wear large size. She does have big thighs and is tall too I think. She looks great though and I like that she wears tights a lot in her videos and on stage too.

  • kathy says:

    Ces collants Wolford sont une pure merveille – ils prГѓВ©sentent un ГѓВ©clat brillant du plus bel effet surtout dans les modèles chairs : CARAMEL ou GOBI.

    Depuis que j’ai dГѓВ©couvert cette marque, je n’ai plus portГѓВ© que cette marque qui allie charme, ГѓВ©lГѓВ©gance et sensation de douceur de confort

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