My visit to Toronto Wolford Boutique

When I was inToronto, I went to see the local Wolford boutique at Yorkville.  They already had their fall collection out and I asked for permission to take some photos for my blog.


At some point later I had a pleasant discussion with the manager, Olga, and she told me that she loved Wolford even before she started to work for the brand.  It means a lot to me when people love what they sell even in their off time.


I showed Olga my blog and she saw that I had a section for boys.  I told her that some men tell me that they like to wear pantyhose, but they are afraid to actually show up to a store and buy it.  It turns out that they have a lot of men coming to buy pantyhose and Wolford staff have no problem with men who have such preferences.

However, another young staff wasn’t wearing pantyhose.  I kind of wondered why and the manager told me that this girl just got hired and doesn’t know yet what’s required for the job.  I’d add it into my work policy book!

It was a good experience to go there and see what they have.  Their boutique is much larger than in Vancouver.

14 thoughts on “My visit to Toronto Wolford Boutique

  1. Well you are certainly well travelled… I’m envious!
    That store appears a lot nicer than the Vancouver one… how does it compare to the Fogal store in Vancouver? I’ve still yet to go there. It does seem odd that a staff member wouldn’t be wearing pantyhose or some form of hosiery sold there. It would seem she’s just there for a job and has no passion for the product. tsk tsk …

    btw I love those tights in the second picture…

    • Hi, Brian, I’d say that both Fogal and Wolford stores in Toronto are larger than what we have in Vancouver. Wolford is wa-a-a-ay nicer, Fogal is a little bit nicer in appearance, but service is superior.

  2. I wish their pantyhoses were not that expensive. I have never tried that brand because they are too expensive for me. Everyone say that they make great pantyhoses.
    I liked the dress and the pantyhoses on the last picture. Both clothes are very unusual and cool.

    • Loretta, I totally hear you. I wouldn’t buy it, it is also too expensive for me. One of my fans, David from Toronto, sent me some Wolford pantyhose before.

    • Loretta, if you decide to buy Wolford, try Neon 40. They last for a very long time and they are very hard to damage. I think it will be worth the money.

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I’ll sure coming back! 🙂
    It’s fun to see more girls running blogs about pantyhose. My own blog is about my own collection of nylons.
    Greetings from Sweden!

  4. A few years back I did go to Cumberland St. to buy pantyhose at the Wolford boutique. And yes, service was great. I am way overdue for another purchase there as I normally purchase Wolford online. One thing I have done that works for me is when I do go to a boutique or outlet to buy hose I tell the clerk right away that I am a man who does wear pantyhose. What this does is at least put the clerk’s mind at ease as some have told me that guys come in and lurk around and it creeps them out. Besides, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you love wearing pantyhose. Jessica, if you do head back to T.O., see my friend Ellen Somer at Out on a Limb (Avenue Road). She has quite a pantyhose and tight(s) selection as well.

    • Thanks, Peter!

      You are a brave guy. If you go to Yorkville Wolford, ask for the manager named Olga. Maybe you can call in advance? She is the one who is very passionate about pantyhose and she is comfortable with men. I think that this would be the best person because she has the most experience. New people may not be the best to consult on the topic.

      I should be in Toronto soon again, I’ll check out what Ellen has.


  5. True enough Jessica. For years I bought at the Wolford store in Troy, MI and the manager there treated me like gold. Unfortunately the only time ever I was treated poorly was by one of her assistants who did not like men buying pantyhose. That being said I never went back and that was after six years of buying there. But honestly every other time I have purchased hose there was never any problem and this goes for the ladies as well. The more you know about hosiery the more your service will go well as so few understand pantyhose and tights.

    • I went to the Wolford boutique in San Francisco yesterday and they couldn’t care less if I’ll buy anything or not. It was a strange experience. Maybe staff don’t care because they “just work there”. Managers, however, have more responsibilities. They are interested to have people buy and come back for more.

      Troy, MI… I spent a night there on my trip actually! Is it the same Troy where the legendary Uncle Sam is from?

    • Peter, if you like, you can do a guest post for me about your experience in Troy, MI. I think that this demonstrates how much it matters that people who work there have respect for others.

      I have a female friend here in Vancouver who used to shop for make up in a specific store. That store has one location close to her and one kind of far – downtown. However, she insisted to go all the way downtown from where she lives to make her purchases there. Why? She got very good customer service once and she remembered it ever since.

      She bought a skin care set once from the downtown store that had an ingredient in it for skin bleaching. It was very expensive, but two weeks later she found out that she was pregnant. Pregnancy and skin bleaching chemicals couldn’t go together. Well, she already used those creams, so she decided to just forget about it and go buy some regular creams from that store. She buys very expensive product and spends $400 or so each time.

      At the cash register the manager pulled up her account and noticed that she just recently purchased a whole set. The manager asked her why she is coming back for more similar products so soon. My friend explained that she is pregnant and she can’t use what she bought previously.

      The manager told her to bring those creams back, regardless that she opened it already. They can always use those as “testers” for other customers, so it’s not a problem in terms of taking it back.

      My friend was very happy that the manager cared about her so much. Since then she only went to that location downtown, despite the distance. However, now I see that this store closed, so I don’t know how it will affect her shopping behavior.

  6. Hello everyone, first off I love your passion for hosiery Jessica! I’m a male with a serious pantyhose fetish and I’ve bought pantyhose from every specific retailer in the greater Toronto area, with the exception of the wolford boutique… I’ve had mostly amazing (and a few uncomfortable) experiences, also I ALLWAYS wear pantyhose when I’m shopping for them to show the staff the kind of hose I prefer (nude shiny). I usually wear them with fairly short shorts, ankle socks and runners. In your opinion would Olga or the other Wolford staff be ok with a male going in dressed like that?

    • Stan, absolutely they would be fine. Olga told me that they have many men who are married and straight, but wear pantyhose. She is totally cool with that! After all, you are a customer.

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