Calgary Stampede Pedicure!

July 7, 2017 under News

Calgary Stampede PedicureI decided to make it special this year and I got my nails painted red and gold, with CS letters standing for Calgary Stampede. My Korean nail technician put some creativity into this one and even looked up ideas online.

Today was an extremely hot day, so I wore a loose knee high skirt, open toe shoes, and 7 denier pantyhose (those were a gift from a fan). I spotted two more women at the event in fancy pantyhose and they even agreed to pose for photos. Eventually when the Stampede is over I’ll do a blog post to summarize all the hosiery trends I’ve seen there.

Since I am leaving Calgary, this will be most likely my last Stampede. I got myself a pass for the whole duration of the event. I want to make it special! So far I got to do some shopping and I enjoyed watching some heavy Clandestine horses compete.

Even though I don’t know that many people Calgary, I once again managed to run into a person I know from Vancouver. Small world, really!

Calgary Stampede Pedicure 2

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