Waist Socks – Wolford’s discontinued line of men’s hosiery

This post appeared on Hosiery for Men blog and I encourage you to read the whole story here.  Wolford had a men’s line, but for some mysterious reason it got discontinued.

Note added later: As you can see, Eric made a good point below. These were very expensive and not enough sold.  I spoke about this to a manager of Wolford in Toronto and she completely agreed.  The marketing strategy behind it was that men can wear such item as underpants for skiing.


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5 thoughts on “Waist Socks – Wolford’s discontinued line of men’s hosiery

  1. I would say the reason they discontinued it is because they didn’t sell enough. It was like 55 pounds per pair at the time.

  2. Why should men buy expensive maletights when they can buy cheaper femaletights? I am not surprised that several brands stop making male tights.
    I find it great that tights are used by both men and women. I hope that more men will start wearing tights so they can feel the lovely feeling of the nylon against their legs too. A feeling that have only been “allowed” for us who are a woman.

  3. I first tried Waistsock back in 2004. It was my introduction to Wolford hosiery. Two things stood out. One Waistsock was bulky and I was used to wearing pantyhose. And I was treated like royalty when I went in to buy them. The Wolford people special ordered them from Austria. At the time pantyhose or tights for men was a novelty so it was something to look into. And yes, they were pricey. But what it did was allow me to make acquaitances with the Wolford staff and I continued to buy pantyhose from them for 6 years….till one day, I stopped going there.

    • The manager at Wolford told me that they were supposed to be for skiing. However, I think that if I’d choose something like that for skiing, I’d insist on footless! Otherwise, you have to wash it like socks every single time. So if you are going to a ski resort for 7 days, you need to buy 7 pairs of those unless you are doing laundry.

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