Vintage Pantyhose Commercial

July 22, 2012 under Vintage

I saw these on the pantyhose forum, posted by Pavel.  I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s good to know that Elbeo brand is still around.  It is actually one of the oldest hosiery brands that exist.

Please see translation below in a comment posted by a person who speaks German. This way you can understand what it says on the packaging.  Thank you, my German readers for helping me out with that!





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  • Michel says:

    I can give you an approximative translation of the first page. I never took German at school but I was helped by Google Translation and I corrected some of the mistakes this service makes.

    ELBEO gives that freedom with every pantyhose. Take for example ELBEO-Rhythmus, one of the most beautiful pantyhose ELBEO makes. ELBEO-Rhythmus comes in several fashionable colors and 8 different sizes. For every figure. No wonder they are so good and bought with so much pleasure. Not only here but also in other European countries.

  • Arciny says:

    Please find a translation of the texts below. As this is “advertising” Germany it isn’t gramatically correct. I’ve tried to find a “reasonable” translation.

    picture : vintage-pantyhose-ads1.jpg
    Liberty, which you may feel on your skin !
    ELBEO gives you this liberty with every pantyhose. Take as an exampe ELBEO-Rhytmus. One of the finest pantyhoses made by ELBEO.
    ELBEO-Rhythmus is avalibale in many fashionable colours and eight different sizes. Convenient to any figure. It’s no wonder that it fits that well and that people like to buy it. Not only at ours but in other European countries, too.

    picture : vintage-pantyhose-ads2.jpg
    Liberty, which you may feel on your skin !
    To feel well, easygoing and free – experience by the “unreinforced” by ELBEO.
    Pantyhoses unreinforced to the waist are a favourite of the recent fashion of stockings.
    They are highly transparent and nearly invisble and catch by their elegance.
    And they suit phantastically as ELBEO has a suitable size for any figure.
    Assure yourself !
    Ask for ELEBO unreinforced !

    picture : vintage-pantyhose-ads3.jpg
    (same text as vintage-pantyhose-ads2.jpg)

    picture : vintage-pantyhose-ads4.jpg
    This is the tonicity, which you need !
    Tonicity and high spirits from early till late are available at ELBEO; invilble yet clearly sensable they are within each ELBE support pantyhose. If you want to ease troubles of your legs or if you want prophylatically take care of tired legs : ELBEO offers the support pantyhose with the right compression for you. Ans what is valid for all ELBEO pantyhoses – perfect fit, good look, and fashionabel recent colours – of course applies to support pantyhoses, too. Ask at the specialist shops or the stocking departments of big department stores for ELBEO “Supp Hose” Panty, ELBEO Fitness, ELBEO Fit & Elegant.

    picture : vintage-pantyhose-ads5.jpg
    (same text as vintage-pantyhose-ads4.jpg)

    I hope this may be understandable.

    Regards Arciny

    • admin says:

      Thank you! It really helps when a native speaker explains things.

      I hope those times return when pantyhose was in fashion.

      Just today I saw a girl who was wearing beautiful burgundy tights. She said that she didn’t wear pants in 4 years!

  • バーバリーブラãƒЖв says:

    Admiring the time and effort you put into your article.

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