May the Race be Seamless!

I found this photo online from the races…  This young woman is quite attractive and  not at all overweight, but she is for sure in need of some fashion, and most importantly, shaping advice.

Have a closer look, you’ll see all sorts of panty lines, muffin tops, seams, lumps, creases, along with a completely exposed pantyhose control top.












Faced with this challenge, I asked an expert to resolve this situation.

I thought that the best people to ask would be the biggest Canadian online shapewear retailer:




Here are some points made by Robert from on how to make this model look her best at the event by choosing her undergarments smartly.

Underwear: None or Seamless

Panties are not necessary in this case, but if the woman insists, it should be seamless.  Of course, it should be of proper size so that it doesn’t cut into the skin and result in a bulge.

No Control Top!

With a high cut outfit like that there is no excuse for wearing pantyhose with a reinforced panty.

Pantyhose: Seamless

Seamless pantyhose would take care of any seam lumps in the front and at the back of the outfit. … yhose.html

Fishnets: Smooth High Waistband

Fishnet pantyhose would not have a seam and they can be worn over seamless pantyhose.  It is important to have a smooth and flat waistband that goes high up to prevent it cutting into the hips and resulting in the "muffin top" effect.

Final Touch: Seamless Bodysuit

On these photos it looks to be cold outside, so this woman would benefit from wearing a seamless bodysuit over her hosiery.  This would smooth everything out.  The bottom of the panty would match up with the bottom of the outfit. … rwire.html


Rober Safko



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1 thought on “May the Race be Seamless!

  1. Have to agree with what good old Robert says. First off I’d like to stress that there is nothing wrong with the girl’s figure, it is just that outfit is so brutally unforgiving.

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