Trying on dark grey Wolford Pantyhose – Neon 40

These pantyhose were sent to me by my Canadian fan.  They are shiny, 40 denier, and very resistant.  Glorious Wolford Neon 40!

Here are some photos of me posing in them on the bed and at the grocery store.  Yes, that’s how I go grocery shopping!  Even for simple daily chores I prefer to look at least semi-decent.  In fact, at that grocery store I ran into probably at least 10 people from work, so I don’t want to look bad if that happens.

Thank you for sending them to me, my Canadian friend, they are very special!  This memory will stay with me forever of how I tried Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose.

Update at a later date:  I traveled with this pantyhose all over the world and let another model try it – she loved it!


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8 thoughts on “Trying on dark grey Wolford Pantyhose – Neon 40

  1. Very nice… though appears you’re wearing a black pair as well. Is it just the lighting or is that the case as well?

  2. All of these pictures are from the same pair of hose, but they are taken under different light to show you how it looks in different life situations.

  3. I wish more women would think like you. I miss the 1980’s for that reason. It was one of the reasons I worked in a grocery store… could see lots of legs in hose. Oh well times have changed. Fashion comes in cycles so maybe hose will make a return soon. One can hope.

  4. You cannot go wrong with Wolford. OK, it’s quite expensive (especially in America) but the quality and longevity are there, no doubt. I kept my Neon Glanz (a discontinued variant of Neon above) 6 years!

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