Stas Fedyanin – this man’s job is to cross-dress and look pretty

Stas Fedyanin in ripped pantyhose

The person on the photo is not a young woman, as you may think.  He is a Russian model, Stas Fedyanin, and he makes a lot of money to model as a woman.

Stas is straight, married to a woman, and he admits that he feels comfortable to go out with her in public dressed like this in ripped black pantyhose and with heavy make up.

Now he wears clothing from both genders, but at some point he wore only female clothing.  His wife and his parents are very supportive of such a career.

Modeling as a woman brings him more money than modeling as a man.  This young androgynous model in fact naturally looks very feminine with natural long hair and smooth skin.

I probably wouldn’t know the difference if I’d see him dressed like that!  My only concern, why ripped pantyhose?  I think such slim legs would look great in feminine heels and sheer hosiery.

He is on Instagram, @stas_fedyanin.


2 thoughts on “Stas Fedyanin – this man’s job is to cross-dress and look pretty

  1. As a cross dresser and being transgendered myself I fully understand his need to look and feel feminine. But I have to agree the torn pantyhose and boots are a distraction from an othewise fabulous look and a classy pair of heels and sheer hose would have looked much better as would a longer hemline. I guess some just like the trashy look but to each their own.

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