Reverse Control Top Effect on Pantyhose

September 15, 2017 under Style

pantyhose from Taiwan on my legs

This is a photo I took on my vacation to Boston as I was sitting down to relax at one of the shopping malls I visited. I got these pantyhose as a gift from a girl who recently went to see her family in Taiwan. People know how much I like pantyhose, so they bring it to me from their trips.

I was so afraid that these Taiwanese pantyhose won’t fit me just because I am taller than an average Asian girl. To my surprise, they fit! I have never thought of myself as a hard-to-dress person, but with these Asian sizes I am frequently off the chart.

What I found surprising about this pair is the effect that you may at first think is the “mock stocking” pattern. These are actually the panty lines, it’s just that the panty itself is made of thinner material than the rest of the leg. While I was walking like that on high heels I already got an offer to go on a date from a random Bostonian gentleman.

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6 Responses to "Reverse Control Top Effect on Pantyhose"

  • collant says:

    I agree that it’s very unusual to see a pair of pantyhose with the leg portion that’s more opaque than the panty portion. It’s very distinctive though, so no wonder you got noticed!

  • Nikolaj says:

    What a cool man! As if your sexiness wasn’t enough you enhance it with displaying your killer legs wrapped in stylish hosiery. Guess many men would love you on a date. But so little dare to ask for it. What did you say to this gentleman from Boston ? Have you agreed ? (My fantasy’s just got curious).

  • Patrick says:

    Those are so sexy

  • Alan says:

    I’ve seen this picture many times now and I’ve only just noticed some of the things in it other than your legs. I like the colours of your blue bag and orange shirt. But of course your legs are the show stopper here. The jean shorts look great with these tights!

  • Nelly says:

    Your leggs are so sexy! I can’t stop looking! So many wimmen has so much to learn from you. Keep up your fantastic work for pantyhose!

    Regards Nelly

  • SonSteve says:

    The correct term for the ‘stocking top’ between the leg of these pantyhose and the reinforced pantie (the body of the hose for those unfamiliar with this term) is of course ‘contrast welt’, as any stocking enthusiast will tell you. Me, I’m all for the correct use of hosiery terminology and I’m often amazed how many enthusiasts don’t know this (sometimes sexy) nomenclature – it is, after all, the language of pantyhose!

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