Fishnets under Ripped Jeans

by Kate, Russia

kate wears fishnets under ripped jeans

Fishnets under ripped jeans? Why not!? So far, I can tell that I have fallen in love with fishnets. Ripped jeans are available in the wardrobe of almost any woman. We wear it with T-shirts, sweaters and sneakers in order to create a grunge style.

Generally, such trendy ripped jeans plus fishnets continue to gather momentum. I love this combination of different materials and texture because it is an affordable trend and looks stylish and sexy.

A usual combination with skirt and dresses is a routine already. That is why decided to wear my ripped jeans with my favorite tights and…voila! I created the balance between precious and vulgar, and I still like it. The small net size and nude color of my fishnets make me feel comfortable and sexy.

Colder days are coming up and these fishnets add a little bit of warmth, still allowing me to flaunt my cool denim. If you also would like to get a pair of such fishnet tights, check out Greta style by Fiore.

5 thoughts on “Fishnets under Ripped Jeans

  1. I think that wearing pantyhose (be they sheer or opaque) under distressed jeans kicks the look up a couple notches with unlimited style options. I want to buy (or make!) a pair of dark distressed jeans and wear black support pantyhose under them!

  2. I agree that pantyhoses under ripped jeans do looks amazing.
    I am sorry to say (write) this, but your jeana are a bit too ripped Kate.

  3. As long as it’s the jeans that are ripped and not the pantyhose, I can say I like the look.

    To me, pantyhose means “perfection of the leg”, and once the pantyhose is ripped, it’s no longer perfect.

  4. I love the look under ripped jeans in fact seen this hot blonde wearing a pair under her ripped jeans. My first thought was wow she is smoking hot in that fashion look.

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