Giuseppe Palmisano and 300 Women in White Tights Art Project

This work is by an Italian Aritst, Giuseppe Palmisano, it just happened a few days ago in Pesaro, Italy, on June 25th. He scouted 300 women to wear white tights and pose for him. The art project is called Empty (Vuoto). Surprisingly, women did it free of charge just to support the art. They didn’t even get to keep the tights.

I’ve read somewhere that he is going to repeat it with darker skin ladies wearing black tights. However, I’m doing all this through Google Translate, so if someone here speaks Italian, can you have a look and let us know?

Giuseppe welcomes all women, regardless of size and age, but they can’t have any distracting tattoos. I couldn’t include all the photos that I found just because ladies are topless and I am trying to draw a line somewhere in terms of what I want to display on this blog, even though I think that artistic nudity is beautiful.

iosonopipo-vuoto models posing in white tights art

iosonopipo-vuoto white tights hanging on chairs

iosonopipo-vuoto women in white tights posing for an art project

iosonopipo-vuoto women in white tights posing for an art project 2


6 thoughts on “Giuseppe Palmisano and 300 Women in White Tights Art Project

  1. Wow! I love the top picture of the topless ladies in white tights cuddling into one another. I think that you would make a lovely candidate for Mr. Palmisano to photograph with you modelling white opaque tights that have an 80 to100 den. What do you think, Jessica?

    • You can’t imagine how much I’d love to do a project like that! I would fly to Italy just for that.
      Unfortunately obviously I found out too late and also the next round is casting only black girls.

      • Maybe he will come to Canada some day and you can audition for his next project. I think that you would look fantastic in white opaque tights especially going commando. However; you would look yummy in any colour tights, Jessica. Thanks for sharing.

        • In Canada, except for me, I don’t think he would find women who want to pose in pantyhose, especially free of charge. Think about it, Europeans have a totally different mentality when it comes to nudity. It’s a natural thing to them.

          • Yes, you are right about Canadian women who would do that. Perhaps the same goes for American women as well. I lived in Europe for four years a long time ago and from my experience and from also communicating with women online from different web sites European women as well as Asian women do indeed have a completely different mentality in regards to nudity and wearing tights. I find that more European and Asian women enjoy wearing tights and are very comfortable in posing in tights.

          • Oh, nudity, I know!!! I went to a waterpark in Canada and as you probably understand, after all that chlorine I wanted to properly wash myself. But then I noticed that in the ladies shower room there was a sign saying “please out of respect to other visitors don’t take off your swimwear”. I am surprised, why can’t a woman be nude in front of another woman? They had private change rooms, but no showers there. I am sorry if I am being graphic, but I want to wash properly between my legs to avoid some skin rash from the pool water and I can’t when my swimsuit is still on me.

            When I was little girl, I went with my grandpa to the sauna and spa where women were all nude while showering, helping each other here and there, sitting casually in the sauna and talking, etc. Nobody somehow felt disrespected by nudity.

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