Beauty Pageant Photos – Now and Then

Miss Russia 1993


I found this photo online by accident, a group of Russian women competing for the Beauty Queen title in 1993. It doesn’t sound like it was so long ago, but these women look so different compare to the ones currently on television. Most importantly, I notice they are all wearing pantyhose, except for maybe one in the red jacket.

Miss Russia 2014

Miss Russia 2014

Pantyhose are still here! But the photos are not directed anymore like above, selfies took over. Some girls wear pants.

Miss USA 2017

I can’t find any photos online of candid auditions / castings, can you? Somehow from what I’ve seen, pantyhose is no longer there. Not much clothes at all in general. I tried to search for Canadian beauty pageants, but also, no luck.

no pantyhose sign

Just recently I interviewed a pantyhose entrepreneur from Russia (that interview is coming up soon) and from what he is saying, it sounds like pantyhose-less hype is spreading there too.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Pageant Photos – Now and Then

    • I am glad you asked.
      It was actually taken from an article about a store robbery.
      A female store owner spotted one of her customer with pantyhose on her head trying. She thought it was a prank. Then she realized that woman wanted to rob the store. Somehow it got all resolved at the end, I don’t remember how.

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